Aug 21 2014

Engine and tranny out of the Hellcat, in my Magnum.

I eagerly await people buying these challenger and dying so I can salvage their parts.

(the car parts, not the people parts... unless anyone needs a spleen?)

Aug 6 2014

It's a 92 or 93 non-turbo with the tail lights from the 94+ cars. Probably an SW21 as it's in north America with the USDM tail light side markers, that engine lid was on all the non-turbo models.

I can tell its age from the 3 piece wing and the 15" wheels. Nice and clean.

Jun 30 2014

Yep, LSB. Thanks! Bought it a little over 2 months ago. 6 Speed, 93k miles.

Jun 24 2014

I'm right there with you. If it's going to be half-assed, I will half-ass it myself.

May 15 2014

Not that one, but I've had a ton of Spydercos and IMO they're the best knives for the $$. Very well made, good steel, quick opening, excellent lockup (irrelevant on the Grasshopper since it's a friction lock). I'd recommend the Endura and the Delica lines if you hadn't put on a price tag. Also the para-military is Read more

May 15 2014

OPINEL! They start at under 15. And their blades are grade A. The handles might look like nothing fancy but they are there to last.