Damn. You came with receipts.

I imagine you sitting there with your stack of research just waiting for someone to mention Yale... Read more

Eh. There are bigger sins than pronouncing the “ey” sound. Doesn’t make you an idiot. And I would assume that 80% of people don’t even know the correct pronunciation anyway. It’s been mispronounced widely enough that now both are accepted pronunciations. But what is funny is nowadays, if you do pronounce it as “fort”, Read more

I’m getting a fraction of that. Mostly because my wife is always approaching her limit. But I love her bell curves, and will try again tonight to get sum. Read more

The Quiverfull movement is breeding replacements. Read more

Exactly! I’ve been saying this for years!! Seger >>>>> Springsteen!! Read more

It’s fitting since AB took his crazy to 11" Read more

Joke’s on you. Miami plays all their games at 1pm except for the 1 league-mandated prime time game, and one 4pm game against the Colts (which will probably be flexed out of that spot to a Tuesday morning). Read more

He’s new to the team and needs to get live reps. He could just as easily get hurt in week 1. People get hurt in football—it happens. I bet if you asked him, he would say he wanted to be out there to have the opportunity to show he deserves as many snaps as Golladay and Jones. Now if its’ Stafford who gets hurt playing Read more

The Giants lost the game when Odell made “The Catch.”... MJ’s 63 against the Celts came in a loss... TO’s Super Bowl comeback performance after breaking his leg like 3 weeks earlier...Basically every start King Felix ever made....Basically every playoff series Lebron lost (minus the 2011 Finals) Read more

Except my kids are too smart. “Five more times on the slide, huh old man? You can shove it up your ass because Im not gonna slide anymore. Now we never have to leave.” Read more

She should have lost her job months ago. That is what she does. She doesn’t command her box, is indecisive on coming off her line, and panics with the ball at her feet. Read more

I never understood the point of recording that as an own goal. I get it if it was a pass back misplayed by the goalie, or even a cross in that was accidentally redirected into the goal, but a slight deflection on a shot clearly towards goal shouldn’t count as an own goal. For that, why not call an own goal on a goal Read more

That line of thinking doesn’t work. Because on any other offside call you could just say “so what if she was offside, if she was 6 inches back, the defender still wouldn’t have been able to get in position to stop her anyway. Read more

Right. But I guess my question was about the “P” in PEMDAS. Whether you only complete the operations INSIDE the parenthesis, not everything touching the parenthesis. Read more

Not dumb. Not irrational. People watch sports for entertainment. If replay makes it less entertaining for you, that’s a fair stance. Read more

But it is also about racism. For the reasons you mentioned. Poor brown girl gets stuck with a baby at 16, and the chances of working their way out of poverty is about nil. Read more

Hey math nerds, Ignoring the 6/ for a second, and looking only at 2(1+2): Read more