Sam G.
Mar 24 2017

No, honestly, I wasn’t super into the dungeons in the older games, either, but in at least a few cases (Ocarina most obviously), they were where the game flexed its imagination the most. It’s a bummer to think that there aren’t any in this new one.

Jan 21 2017

you get a star and a twitter like because this is the perfect reason to teach yourself something new!

Dec 14 2015

He’s in the game, along with every other candidate. (I actually downloaded it and opened it)

Dec 8 2015

I asked my coworker, Tim Brady, what he thought about Trump and his plans for Muslims, and he told me to get the fuck out of his cubicle. Also I’m not a reporter. Can I still have $100?

Oct 28 2015

Fuck this dude. He sounds like an annoying asshole.

Oct 2 2015

Oh wait, shit. That wasn’t me. That was Barry Petchesky. Sorry.

Sep 14 2015

Seriously, Deadspin, before all the snark pours in, for stories like this you should be noting the suicide prevention hotline number and other relevant resources. Read more

Sep 14 2015

Please if you are having suicidal thoughts or just struggling with depression talk to a friend or call the suicide prevention hotline. They’re there to help: 1-800-273-8255.

Sep 5 2015

How interesting that the team who tried to unionize beats the team from a school named after a racist robber baron on Labor Day weekend.

Jul 5 2015

Good to know that the Spanish for “hat trick” is “el hat trick”.

Oct 31 2014

"Albert Burneko's sole purpose in life is to be really really right about gourmet food and really really wrong about cheap food."