Mar 11

I thought the show made it clear that Hex Vision didn’t transfer his memories, he just unlocked White Vision’s memories which were being supressed. That would include everything up until the moment he was killed by Thanos. Read more

Mar 11

I always thought it was odd he lived in that dream house, with a beautiful wife, a son who owns a factory and lobster for dinner.. Meanwhile I live in a single room over a bowling alley and under another bowling alley.

Mar 8

I mean, come on. Do you really want to go down this road? You could say that Star Wars is basically the plot of The Wizard of Oz with a gender-swapped lead and antagonist, and instead of a tin man, a scarecrow and a cowardly lion, you have an old warrior, a smuggler, and a Wookiee. Droids instead of tornados as the Read more

Feb 11

Dee Bradley Baker has many noises to make at your statement.

Jan 28

I’d argue that Kuzco is the best Disney Princess.

Dec 21

Gee, wonder why THAT might be. I bet being dependent on doctors that deny who you are on the most fundamental level is great for one’s anxiety. Read more

Dec 1

As someone who named his 4 y/o son Elliot this makes me happy. Not just because someone is bravely asserting who they are but because that name will now be associated with that same bravery. Good on you Elliot Page. My Elliot will learn who you are.

Nov 15

I think the only person that could do Short Circuit justice is Taika.  He would nail it.

Nov 13

Fact: People who say shit like “You must be fun at parties” whenever someone talks about something with any amount of substance, are the absolute most awful people to run into at a party.

Apr 23 2018

Super Friends was amazing and not something I expected when I read it. Those eight panels perfectly tell you everything you need to know about the relationship between Superman and Batman. The punchline is even better when they meet up at the top of the elevator shaft. Their comments to each other explain what makes