3:00 PM

Fourteen year old me wanted to jump his bones so badly. Oh Legolas! So pretty! So aloof! So detached! And then I saw Orlando Bloom in other things and realised that his slightly blank stare and head tilting were not him perfectly capturing the otherworldliness of the elves, that is actually just how he acts. Who told Read more

2:44 PM

Hi, I’m Kristiffer Lawredeschanel, and I’m here to talk about a cause very close to my heart. Every day, Manic Pixie Dream Girls across America are dying. Hundreds of women with crooked smiles and a penchant for describing sunsets while quoting your favorite Camus/Salinger/Dr. Seuss book are disappearing from your

3:01 PM

I identify as a Christian but agree with you. After all, Jesus was out there helping people and getting his hands dirty, not just asking his dad to do stuff. Read more

2:02 PM

I think some women feel it, other women don't. You aren't weird. I mean, our species wouldn't have made it very far if none of us had a drive to procreate. The myth is that ALL women have a biological clock that will make them baby-crazy. Or that NORMAL women have the clock, and fucked-up women don't.

11:50 AM

Yeah but he did debates in high school, so maybe you should listen to him.

8:19 AM

It's a total mystery to me how anyone could do it too. I know that no matter how you lose someone suddenly it is a terrible thing to go through but knowing it was done on purpose for no other reason than they had a ticket on that particular plane must be so fucking hard. I hope most of the families believe in God Read more

7:35 PM

The most stupid time I cried over nothing was when some friends went out without me. I sat in my room and wrote something self-loathing in my locked LiveJournal (YEAH REMEMBER LIVEJOURNAL?), hyperventilating with fury, hot tears streaming down my face, as my mix CD of "Dark Songs" (YES THAT'S WHAT I CALLED IT) played Read more