May 7 2018

That reminds me, I really do need to get the Collateral Blu-Ray. Foxx is EXCELLENT in that. I don’t even mind Tom Cruise since he makes such a good villain.

May 3 2018

I literally just had this conversation with a friend this afternoon. I’m outgoing, I’m great with people, I’m an extrovert! And I’ve even had doctors (not psych or anything but other) say to me “oh, but you seem fine now, you obviously don’t have anxiety”. Actual medical professionals have said that! Granted I’m Read more

May 3 2018

Yes, all of this. People never believe it when I tell them I have crippling anxiety. “You’re smart and good looking and funny, what’s there to worry about?” Maybe the pressure to always be smart and good looking and funny for starters.

May 3 2018

Seriously! I feel like people who seem really outgoing and friendly often suffer from anxiety. Because 1) those are totally unrelated things but, also, 2) sometimes you get really anxious about not being friendly or nice enough and then hurting people’s feelings. Sometimes it’s a symptom of anxiety rather than Read more

May 3 2018

As someone who has anxiety that at times has crippled my life, I’m actually really surprised and appreciative of Ryan Reynolds speaking about his severe anxiety. “But you don’t seem like that type of person!” Is something I hear all too often of people trying to dismiss or diminish my struggle with anxiety. You have Read more

May 3 2018

Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted told Bloomberg on Thursday saying the company would do no such thing. “Kanye has been and is a very important part of our strategy and has been a fantastic creator.” Read more

May 3 2018

I saw the Vogue pics, and gosh Rihanna is beautiful. A couple of days ago on another thread I proclaimed Janelle Monae as having the most beautiful face on earth, but it’s a toss up with Rihanna. Oh, and throw Lupita in there as well. Okay, let’s just say they are the three most beautiful women in the world.

May 3 2018

I just saw the “Cry Me a River” video again and holy fuck is it creepy. I would’ve been adding extra security to my house if I were Brit. Read more

May 1 2018

The least she could do, after she fucked over those French fans who threw a party for her

Apr 30 2018

And it could go far deeper. It’s an open secret in the art community that there are a lot of fakes floating around in the major world galleries. Van Gogh is particularly problematic because of rampant forging of his work in the 20s. For instance, there are so many paintings attributed to him during his period in Read more

Apr 30 2018

Similar results would be found in most art museums, as most museum directors know.

Apr 30 2018

I’ve personally dealt with a less aggressive form of this with an ex-boyfriend (not ex-husband) and even that low level of it was way too much for me. I’ve seen it go down for real with other people I know and—again, not Team Miranda here—Blake’s behavior is in the same strain.
Read more

Apr 30 2018

Yep. My kids’ dad was totally this. Living with another woman and still trying to keep tabs on my every move and threatening me every few weeks or so to keep shit lively. Even with a restraining order and the threat of dragging the neighbor to court to make the man and his gal pal move and there he was acting like Read more

Apr 27 2018

During performances, their consciousnesses will be projected into 15-foot high genetic replicas of their younger selves.

Apr 27 2018

Sort of the way Tina Fey, Kate McKinnon, and Melissa McCarthy live in that place with dirtbags like Alec Baldwin and John Hamm? Like Pamala Adlon lived in that place all those years working with Louis CK, even though the rumors about his behavior were well known? The way all the women who work with Russell Crowe, Read more