Apr 16 2018

This! I was squealing! Epic.. I have the mini vid saved..

Apr 11 2018

Yes Sheesh Preach! Thanks for some sane commentary...🙌🏽👏🏽

Apr 7 2018

I recall reading the thread and thinking that it all escalated very quickly but was surprised at the names of those involved as always seen them as ‘good people’ so to speak, I ducked out as it descended into a slanging match so glad to see a follow up. Have seen much worse back in the day from genuine trollsticks and Read more

Mar 18 2018

Same on the snow.. just wtf! I need crocus’ and blue skies.. Birmingham is grey, grey, grey! Like my head

Mar 9 2018

It is.. studied it many moons ago in Pysch A’ level.. we tend to go for our own level of attractiveness.. 8's with 8's etc. the experiments we did were interesting..

Feb 7 2018

I knew about it as a history nerd but to see it played in context.. I laughed my ass off!

Feb 5 2018

Gatekeeper? For reals? Cryptkeeper more like, get in the bin, trash...

Feb 5 2018

Not forgetting the recent axed tampon tax.. there was a calculator online calculating how much you may have spent according to age..bogus.

Jan 14 2018

Certainly akin to the way Roma and Gypsys were treated, there were signs around at the time both diasporas that stated ‘No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs’ at accommodations, usually mispelt.

Jan 13 2018

It’s amazing how many people have felt the need to tell me this recently.. I wonder why, I’m considering wearing a badge that says ‘Born here’.