I love this recap of events. I kept waiting for S., B., & Little J. to make appearances.

She spoke so slowly, i had to change the channel. She made me nuts. I feel confident in my decision. I am so over cat ladies right now.
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That looks insane, but it had me at Vincent Cassel. SOLD!

Im a little sad (but not surprised) that a Jez writer is unfamiliar with the USWNT, considering their awesomeness. Aren’t these the women about whom the President said playing like a girl meant playing like a badass? Come on.
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I agree it went off the rails. This is my industry and I've seen a LOT of shows that aspired to be social commentary that were actually self-indulgent drivel. It's a fine line and Hamilton walks it so well right now.
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Cast a poc woman as Ham and it’s pretentious intellectual bullshit masquerading as Art. I’m sure it will happen, because theatre can’t resist Making A Statement, but i won’t be seeing it. Otherwise, yes, i agree that’s the case now. It’s not how it started, but it’s what The Public has reacted strongly to. I disagree Read more

To clarify: i believe talent is everywhere. I believe barring it from the audition room because of its skin color is stupid and shortsighted. Sadly, it has happened most of the time for a very very long time. I dont like that casting agents call for certain ethnicities for certain roles. It is part of the Read more

Because they only changed their minds recently. After all of the money had been spent and the rehearsal had been in place. And the buzz about this non-white cast just got to them and they decided to double-down on it. They decided that that was what was selling and not the inclusiveness of the storytelling. And you Read more

...which is BS and in major need of an overhaul. So I’m glad it’s such a big deal in this case.
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That “clarification” is bullshit. The roles were not written for non-white actors. They were written for actors with a particular skill-set. The producers recently changed their minds, and decided they were written for non-white actors. The Broadway Rumor Mill, where I get all the best news, currently has a story that Read more

It is precisely for that reason that I am now entirely sold on the Xena reboot, at least for the first 5 episodes. The writer of this episode engaged with the fans immediately, took notes, wrote responses, and really used it as a learning experience. I’m excited to see his takeaway from the uproar and active response Read more

It’s just about knowing the history of your craft. Astounding that so many apparently don’t.
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It’s amazing that he could have been that clueless. He was so proud to be beloved by the LGBTQ crowd, and yet had noooooo idea why. I realized, after i finished my BSG binge, that all the reasons I loved it were purely accidental. I feel like that has happened here. He and his writers waved that rainbow flag, claiming Read more

Outrageous? Hardly. This is almost like asking women with large asses how they possibly sit down. You might do better if your image was of an actual bustle under-structure. And often, the bustles were just collapsable ruffles.

I’m so glad. The guy running it received so much backlash from his last episode of The 100, and he handled it exceptionally well. He was listening & engaging with the outraged and those those who felt betrayed. The outcry from the Fandom who felt they'd put their faith & trust in the wrong place was truly deafening, Read more

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is so consistent—especially with the doses of not-actually-dirty jokes. White Josh’s monologue about where to park his car was friggin’ brilliant, and a couple of weeks ago there was a kid whose punchline was, “we learned about that in health class.” I can’t remember the joke verbatim, so I won’t Read more

I was so thrown that you called her “person of intrest’s Taraji P. Henson.” when she runs Empire. Like, it’s Her show. I get it bc of your audience, but it’s still weird that she’s not identified by the show she’s currently leading.
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Or The Schuyler Sisters.

Guns & Ships from Hamilton should be the filler. Just sayin’.

I frickin love her. Such a beautiful soul.