2:06 PM

I know others might disagree, but maybe you should delete this and just reflect privately. People are offended and want an explanation or apology. That’s valid. It’s also valid for you to just walk away and take some time to think it over. You don’t have to sort this out publicly. You’ve had some good and honest Read more

1:55 PM

I’ve been reading/commenting on groupthink for about 6-7 years (maybe more - my memory sucks). I confess that I’m more active now than I was in years past. However, I’m pretty sure this “heydey” is a figment of your imagination. Nostalgia is a bitch of a thing and, in this case, a way for you to excuse bad behavior. I Read more

1:00 PM

This response worries me. Are you abandoning GT because this post shows what an “amusement park” GT has become? That’s an unfortunate takeaway and one I’d hope you’d reconsider. Read more

12:56 PM

La Piquante, posts like this are the reason why so many POC “abandoned this amusement park” to create The Salad Bowl. I hope you can see that.

12:41 PM

I’m moving this to drafts, LaPiquante. This just isn’t ok on a lot of levels. Contact the mods or me personally if you have questions.;

12:40 PM

Okay. So, people are sexually attracted to other people for a whole variety of reasons and I mainly don’t judge what other people have as their own requirements because I’ve had some silly ones in the past. But, do you really not see why a blanket “no black guys” is wrong? That’s saying that black men are all the same Read more

12:20 PM

Even that is a stretch. I’m a woman who likes welding, football and changing my own oil. I fucking HATE it when men treat me like a “unicorn” because I like traditionally masculine things. So, to me, it's bothersome that a woman would find it strange that a physically fit person can also be a nerdy one. The two are Read more