Rickster3rd ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Feb 3

Is there any further context to be reported? Can he not get it over to the Burbank Tesla shop and talk(Yell?) to a service advisor there?

Feb 2

Like five years ago, I thought I wanted one of these. The theory was, it would be a perfect Radwood type of car. At the time, I wanted a cool “local car” because I was living in East Nashville, and most of my trips were only like 3-4 miles, at the most. Sometimes I’d get wild and drive like 20 miles to the ‘Boro, but Read more

Jan 6

Pulling over and being polite (and respectable looking and clean cut, if not entirely white in my case) when they have you dead to rights really is the way to go. Like Chris Rock said “If they have to chase you, they gonna bring an ass whoopin’ with them. Literally or figuratively to the wallet. Read more

Jan 6

One time, back when I was a cop, I stopped this crime ring that was boosting DVD players and car stereos. Long story short, I wound up JOINING the group family and traveling the world committing/stopping crimes. Then I had a kid and they stopped inviting me to the jobs. Kids ruin everything.

Nov 15 2019

...this is a lie I would never have the balls to do something this ill advised...

Nov 10 2019

Any car at practically any speed in the middle of a snowstorm. That’s when I always imagine I’m piloting a spaceship. 

Aug 8 2019

My all-time favorite cars, of any kind, are the late 60's F1 cars. They look like someone put a V8 in the back of a Kayak.

Aug 7 2019

If we HAVE to stand for a specific song, and HAVE to put our hands on our hearts or risk getting jacked are we really free?

Jul 16 2019

The final straw was when not a single one spontaneously caught fire...

Jul 13 2019

that particular wiper assembly is incredibly expensive and involved to replace and to install - i assume that when it went bad, it was simpler and more cost-effective to just replace the vehicle around it.

Jul 11 2019

It’s funny to think that people used to think 140 HP was enough to haul around a dinosaur like this. Too much $$ for this old war horse. Someone will buy it though, as P.T. Barnum once said “There’s a sucker born every minute.” CP

Jul 10 2019

There are unmolested NA Miatas for sale for $2,500 all day around here. Why take on all of the issues with this one? Perhaps for $500 and LeMons duty.