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Friday 11:09AM

Wait long enough and every hero becomes a vilain

6/07/21 2:46PM

I have a (possibly nutty) theory that this is fueled to some degree by the “self esteem” movement of the 70's and 80's. Parents of insecure kids were told to tell their kids how awesome they were, they did, but unfortunately those kids realized when they hit adulthood that the world is not going to keep telling you Read more

6/04/21 7:33PM

I posted this on the review of the movie, but I am still hung up on her character getting ginormous bleeding blisters. It’s when she & the kid go back to the tower. She takes off her hiking boots and then wool socks. Those are so bloody they stick to her skin from all the raw blisters she’s sporting after hiking a Read more

6/04/21 2:58PM

That dress is, hands down, the ugliest wedding dress I’ve seen, and I used to watch Say Yes to the Dress. Everything about it, to my eye, is off - the sleeves, the neckline, the waistline, the girth of the skirt, and the train. I hate it, and I will not be deterred in my hatred. 

5/28/21 2:08PM

I just saw the Earther headline about some sort of plastic-driven sperm count decrease.  Please god make it true.

5/28/21 12:54PM

Unfortunately most of the current assholes will die of natural causes long before anything gets really bad due to climate change.  That’s one of the reasons they don’t give a shit about changing their behavior.

5/28/21 12:47PM

I don’t wish to sound rude, but I’m ecstatic I don’t live in your country. =|

5/28/21 11:53AM

I wish service workers had a "stand your ground" equivalent. I'd be fine with tossing this trash out of the cabin.

5/28/21 11:18AM

There needs to be zero tolerance for this kinda shit. Go straight to jail. No bond. A prison sentence and enough of a fine that it ruins their lives forever. And do the same to all the assholes that harrass and assault retail employees. 

5/28/21 10:49AM

The moment he turned around and said “I’ve got you ma’am” to the flight attendant melted my heart. But the rest of it was absolutely horrible. One of the saddest things about the last four years is how the ahole in chief taught Americans to openly hate each other and removed the shame that previously stopped most idiot Read more

5/28/21 10:48AM

Y’all, I hate to bring it to your attention, but from my limited experiences out in the Real World these past few months, this sort of behavior isn’t limited to just airplanes. Read more

5/26/21 2:24PM

I’m with the donut god, myself. Unfortunately she was relentless for a few years and now I’m trying to deprogram myself. I guess it was more of a cult. 

5/26/21 1:35PM

That’s actually the only reason I like seeing her. Not because the hairstyles are flattering, but because I’m almost certain her hairstylist is trolling her. The stylist is on record saying she’s not, but if someone were trolling an obnoxious client and wanted to continue to do so, I don’t think they’d admit to it.

5/26/21 1:21PM

The teenage years are when the hero worship clears away and kids begin to get some clarity about either parents true qualities good and bad. It’s fine if the judge did not want them to testify in court. But he could have asked the children in chambers, just with the lawyers present without the parents.

5/26/21 12:16PM

Okay, just as a rule for us to use in this trying time (and at all times, really,) when a god tells you to do stupid awful things, and especially stupid and awful things to children, do not listen to that god. Find a different god. Like the cake god, for example. The cake god will never hurt you and only wants you to Read more

5/26/21 11:48AM

So many thoughts and questions: Why is a state representative substitute teaching? Why isn’t this being considered a felony assault on a minor? Also, the way he’s following around touching that one male student, I’d put money on him having ‘sinful thoughts’ about members of his own sex. What a fucking clown.

5/26/21 11:07AM

How about we fire her out of a cannon? 

5/26/21 11:04AM

I’m almost to the point where I feel kinda bad for him. He has struggled with addiction, and just seems kinda lost at times. And I didn’t mind him in the Justice League/Batman movies. Read more

5/26/21 10:59AM

How about they fire Meghan McCain instead because she’s a fucking Federalist troll now.