I heart Westies
6/01/21 12:28PM

I’m sorry your friend had to deal with that. And I am sick to death of being surrounded by people like the man who terrified her. I’m in Tennessee and the maga crowd here has been getting meaner and meaner and exponentially more stupid as the months go on. Sadly, that includes almost all of our state legislature and Read more

5/12/21 6:07PM

13 months is bullshit. It should have been at least five years. If parole/probation is allowed in this case, he’ll probably be out in six to eight weeks. And the other douchebag didn’t get any time at all. Bullshit.

5/09/21 6:08PM

Oh my GOD! Not bread AND pasta!! The humanity! And then TWO WHOLE cocktails. “Off the rails” doesn’t really do this debauchery justice. She’ll never be able to steam the carbs out of her vagina, not even with help from her jade eggs. I hope she’s able to get her life back on the path of righteousness.

5/09/21 6:03PM

I, too, know several people who think even one drink a night would make you an alcoholic if you drank one every night. Gwyneth has no self-awareness at all about how ridiculous she sounds specifying quinoa whiskey and how incredibly judgmental she sounds for scolding carbs (my DEAR GOD she ate bread AND pasta) and TWO Read more

4/24/21 10:44PM

JLo has terrible, terrible taste in men. Is it a confidence problem? Does she feel the need to be paired with an obviously inferior partner? 

4/07/21 11:35AM

That Leslie! He’s a character! And I mean that in the best way. He and Kyla Pratt are the only two watchable people on that new Mayim Bialik show, Call Me Kat. (And I like Mayim. I wanted that show to be good.)

3/22/21 9:16AM

The people who most violently oppose covid-related restrictions like shutdowns and mask mandates are the people most responsible for there being a need for the restrictions. Yet, it is impossible to make them understand that they are the problem. They are the source of new virus variants, and it’s only a matter of Read more

3/15/21 9:45AM

Honestly, after reading this whole thing, all I care about is what happened to the dog she abandoned in a field. That’s a line in the sand that, once crossed, she’d be dead to me. Why you didn’t end this relationship right then is beyond my comprehension. Maybe the boyfriend who “stole” her cat isn’t really the bad Read more

3/03/21 5:06PM

I have to keep reminding myself that the stories of his horrific behavior are coming from people who all attended Patrick Henry College. If people so far to the right and so extremely evangelical that they chose to attend PH are saying how bad he was, then he was one million times worse than the what they are saying. Read more

12/26/20 6:12PM

I know Republicans are actual Nazis, but it still blows my mind how much they look like movie Nazis. I mean this guy looks like he’s just stolen the Ark of the Covenant from Indiana Jones. 

12/24/20 5:51PM

This explains why I kept seeing tweets about “cherrk” the other day. I was too lazy to find out what any of it meant. Thanks for the info. 

12/11/20 11:10AM

I sleep much better when sleeping alone. My husband probably does, too. He snores which often bothers me, and I frequently turn from side to side throughout the night which bothers him. But, having said all that, I like knowing he’s there. Maybe double beds would be the way to go. 

12/06/20 10:01PM

Same in my neighborhood, except my husband and I are pretty much the only people staying home. Our next door neighbor keeps inviting us over for dinner and/or birthday parties for other neighbors. She seems mystified as to why we won’t come over. “It’s just a few people!” she’ll say. Yeah, a few people who constantly Read more

11/24/20 10:18AM

Lamar Alexander is the biggest coward of this group. He’s retiring from the Senate so he had no re-election to worry about. He’s 80 years old and filthy rich. He has not one thing to lose by speaking out and yet he won’t do it. Maybe he’s not a coward, maybe he’s just a truly evil bastard who is fine with everything Read more

11/24/20 10:12AM

Yeah, I’m in Tennessee and I think Alexander is the biggest coward of this group. He wasn’t even running again. He’s old and rich as Midas. He literally had nothing to lose by denouncing DT but he still wouldn’t do it. Now my senators are Marsha fucking Blackburn and Bill Hagerty. Hagerty’s campaign was literally how Read more

11/24/20 10:05AM

So very true. The Republicans like everything DT has done, they just don’t like how loudly and crassly he’s done it. They are 100% for white supremacy which encompasses everything from voter suppression and gerrymandering to stopping all immigration (well, all brown immigration), complete deregulation of everything, Read more

11/04/20 9:18AM

I’m angry and very depressed this morning. This should have been a Biden landslide. Democrats should have the Senate. How are my fellow white people so hateful, stupid, and racist? Even if Biden ekes out a win, which I think he will, without the Senate he can’t do much. Mitch will continue to refuse to vote on Read more

11/03/20 1:17PM

I think there’s every likelihood of him fleeing the country in the middle of the night if there is the blue tsunami that we’re all praying for. He’ll still have his lawyers, and of course, his personal attack dog Bill Barr filing lawsuits and creating as much electoral chaos as possible in every state where the vote Read more