She was a retail whore
3:52 PM

So Alec Baldwin’s 12-year-old daughter was a thoughtless pig when she didn’t phone him but a 20-year-old woman is inexperienced and not responsible for her actions when a commercial she chooses to appear in tanks?

11:37 AM

I find Ikea hugely stressful when I’m actually looking for specific stuff, but enjoy strolling through its aisles otherwise. I haven’t had US Ikea food but I’ve had it in other countries and it has been really good and reasonably priced. Oddly enough, I haven’t eaten the Swedish meatballs yet, but they served this

3:43 PM

While the people answering the police/911 calls identify more with the abusers than the victims, domestic violence will continue to be downplayed by law enforcement. I’d guess that the over-identification happens more because of gender than because of behavioral similarities, but whatever the reason, nothing is going

2:59 AM

I saw that movie as a kid and it made me so angry. What a jerk, acting as if he just didn't have a choice in the matter and thinking only of himself. If he was that unhappy, he should have ended things with Micki before beginning with Maude. There's always a point where people have the opportunity to do the right

6:58 AM

I live in a Muslim country and there aren't usually many opportunities for me to have pork (it's not impossible, just not something that one encounters on a regular basis), so I've really come to appreciate turkey and beef products that are substituted for bacon and pepperoni. Of course it's not the same, but it's

2:34 AM

She's a singer-songwriter, which even the most cursory Wikipedia search in the world would have revealed. Maybe she made such a stupid stage name just to show that they are not the exclusive province of rappers? Regardless, she's not one.

11:03 AM

I have tweeted more during particularly infuriating baseball innings than I do between November and March. If I didn't follow baseball, I would have a completely different relationship to twitter.

10:57 AM

In my old town, there was this consignment store that had 4 periods, instead of the UNIVERSALLY AGREED UPON three period ellipses. 1) That drove me nuts, and 2) they were jerks to me when I went in there, so I was pretty stoked when they went out of business.

3:01 PM

I am sometimes truly distressed by how many of my favorite foods contain mayo, which is the grossest fucking thing on the planet. I've decided that it cooks well, and that everybody who willingly eats it in its uncooked state is crazy.

11:28 AM

Tell Nev that you won't punch him if he punches Adam. Nev sucks, he will definitely punch somebody else to save his own face.

11:14 AM

I was a grown ass woman when I saw that movie, and that scene totally traumatized me. I don't know how kids handle it.