She was a retail whore
Nov 8 2017

Wait, isn’t this the moron who’s always shitting on people for taking paternity leave? What an opportune moment to publicly remind people to care more about their families.

Nov 7 2017

Infuse your dairy” is a great tip. Per Heston Blumenthal, try infusing the dairy with the peels of your potatoes for the taste of a skin-on mash without the texture problems.

Oct 13 2017

Stolen from random on Twitter: “You can take the Nationals out of the Capital, but you can’t take the Capitals out of the Nationals”

Oct 13 2017

I’m a lifelong Mets fan. The sort that bought a Tebow jersey because I thought it would be funny. I wear it once a week now. I hate this fucking team so much. I’m glad you understand, on some level.

Oct 12 2017

I think the wording that “shall be called a strike only” means he should have been out and no one can advance.

May 31 2017

I did online dating back in 1999 when it was still kinda unique and it was a painful process. Can’t imagine how awful it is for you Youngs in the age of swiping apps.

May 31 2017

I love all of this so much. I had the biggest crush on him when Felicity was on the air (even though high school Christina was stupidly Team Noel — and like Noel is great but it took actually going to college to realize, you don’t date Noel, you date Ben.) and I am still utterly in love with her. This is just Read more

May 31 2017

I am amazed how some of the stories don’t hit the mainstream press - I’ve witnessed several “events” personally - with dozens and dozens of witnesses in some cases - and there isn’t even a blind item, nevermind a tabloid story. Read more

May 31 2017

I wish Dexter Morgan was a real person so he could go after her worthless ass and punish her for what she had done in the past.

May 31 2017

She’s a fuckin evil psycho bitch. She raped and killed HER OWN SISTER, for fuck’s sake.

May 31 2017

Even if she is “never alone with children” she is normalizing herself to children. My kiddos see peeps who volunteer at their school out and about all the time. They alway s wave excitedly and shout “Hi Mrs. Lastname!!” (well, less so the son, but that’s middle school for you). Read more

May 31 2017

In order to volunteer at any of the schools in our school district, you have to fill out an application which includes permission for them to do a background check. I am of the hope that ‘former serial killer’ would preclude someone from volunteering. Read more

May 31 2017

Helicopter parenting is bad and you can’t shelter them from bad stuff in the world too much but I feel like “I don’t want my children interacting with a known serial killer” is a fairly reasonable request?