That is a fierce looking jacket! Do they make adult sizes? Read more

And the mystery of why that place looked so damn familiar has been solved! Read more

Just stfu Chris Martin and let the lady sing. No one came here for you. Read more

I think The Labyrinth was responsible for waking up some things in many, many people :) Read more

You have the cheese though, and that is what is really important :) Read more

Same look, same name, same exact hairstyle. The bachelor is just one or two women and a whole lost of editing and computer magic in post to make it seem like a bunch of different women. Same deal with the Bachelorette. Read more

Right? I had to share a freaking room for the entire time I was growing up, and then one of those miserable little dorm rooms where there is a stranger sleeping two feet away from you. I earned my own room! I am not giving that up very easily. I am an adult! Read more

At work it’s either all-Christmas music, which is the worst, or Virgin radio which is also the worst, and where I can hear Hotline Bling in a continuous loop which I think might be causing some kind of permanent damage. I can’t get it out of my head. I tried listening to other music, but once I turned it off, it was Read more

Food is supposed to be digestible, this should be a given, not a selling point.

He just keeps looking seedier and seedier doesn’t he?

That is exactly what it sounds like. Read more

You are not. I want to get a red pen and scrawl awkward over the whole thing. Read more

Most of these hats make me want to sneeze and sneeze and sneeze, and I don’t even have allergies! Read more

If I had 50+bucks to spend on scotch, that sucker would be coming home with me to stay. Read more

And if your employees aren’t acknowledging Boss’s day, then let it be a time of self-reflection rather than one of pouting because no one gave you a cookie and a gold star for being the boss. Read more

Hah! A friend of mine is an elementary school teacher, and despite the fact that she has asked students/parents not to bother with gifts at Christmas or the end of the school year, she still has a couple of boxes of apple/teacher themed gifty crap that she can’t bring herself to get rid of, but doesn’t really have any Read more

Being dragged though museum houses as a child on educational family trips was the most boring sort of afternoon that my parents/grandparent could inflict upon me. If people don’t want kids in that museum house, it’s nothing to how much the kids themselves don’t want to be there :) Read more

Good thing no one under 15 would even want to go to that. Being dragged through the roped off home of some famous dead person is not what the kids want to do for fun. All the kids are like “Thank god Grandma and Grampa won’t be able to make us go to this when we visit this summer” Read more

That opening Boing...BOING! Boing...BOING! synthesizer noise makes me twitch involuntarily no matter what season I hear it in. If I ever meet Paul McCartney, I will tell him to fuck right off for making that song. I don’t even care if he actually wrote the damn thing, his version is the most prevalent. Read more

“You have to do it, it’s a part of the costume!” is the best argument for dancing ever. Read more