Yesterday 9:15PM

The Abbey Road stuff is cool and all, but give me Rap-A-Lot, Screwed Up Records, and the Swishahouse tyvm 

Monday 8:17PM

We really need to make fines relative to a person’s net worth/ income, cause while that 3 grand would be a challenge to me, that’s couch change for these douchebags 

Monday 6:07PM

If it doesn’t have the Jurassic Park Explorer paint job, it’s not the most 90’s suv 

Monday 4:03PM

Oh for sure. You’re talking to someone who hides his appreciation for asmr harder than his internet history lmao 

Monday 2:56PM

Didn’t Brian Carson and Spanky Spangler used to do stuff like this? I remember watching similar stunts on an old USHRA Monster Jam vhs. Read more

Monday 12:43PM

There’s a way around it, but it’s kinda complicated. From your notifications page, click their name to open their profile, then go to their discussions, and you’ll see the comment. Clicking the little bookmark logo will star it and ungrey it

6/17/21 9:03PM

Exactly. They know the tides are changing, so they’re trying to fuck up as much as possible on the way out 

6/17/21 10:27AM

Mixing weed and booze? Do you want the spins? Cause that’s how you get the spins 

6/16/21 2:34PM

If I’ve read the bill correctly, the restrictions center of any social studies class. Meanwhile, my English 4 classes, where the focus actually is critical thinking, will be making up the slack. Plus, these right wing idiots are too chickenshit to come anywhere near my ‘inner city’ school to investigate anyways. Read more

6/14/21 1:54PM

Ughhhhh I gotta finish some paperwork before I’m on summer break. But yeah, reading this dude’s tweets is like reading a livestream descent into madness