Then they’ll add a charge for using your phone while driving  Read more

Aaaaaand the Civic is already sold  Read more

but but but I’ve been told regulations are a bad thing. Surely the leaders of my state wouldn’t lie to me Read more

Nah, it’s a video game about space exploration, with a… heavy ending Read more

I’m getting flashbacks to Outer Wilds from watching this lol Read more

Hi, welcome to Houston Independent School District  Read more

Missed opportunity to take out the dipshit and his door  Read more

I’m glad I got mine when I did. 2018 STX 5.0 FX4 for $37,500  Read more

Or at least the SuperCab with the 6 1/2' bed  Read more

Ew, those plastic treads fucking suuuuuuuuuck. Read more

Yeah, absolutely FUCK tornadoes. I’ve seen them once- three touched down almost simultaneously, two to the north and one to the south. I NEVER want to experience that again  Read more

ughhhhh my horse’s ass of a new superintendent used that ad as a metaphor for himself... somehow idk I wasn’t listening  Read more

What are you talking about? Audi never made cars after 2008 lmao Read more

Both my appraiser and I were at a loss for words  Read more

BRO. I had a student randomly announce that there were full episodes of SpongeBob on ph, and then proceeded to try and show anyone and everyone around him WHILE I WAS GETTING OBSERVED BY MY APPRAISER  Read more

What a bunch of pissbabies  Read more

And we were playing goldeneye on like 20 inch screens lmao Read more

I also have that glorious red cartridge. I love it to death, but yeah it’s probably the worst version of it lmao Read more


5300lbs?!?! That’s as much as my extended cab F-150 Read more