Yesterday 6:07PM

I hope the next mail truck looks like this.

Yesterday 4:48PM

Driving in Japan or Australia, I’ve noticed many visitors signal with their wipers.

Yesterday 4:14PM

I don’t want to be the cold water guy, but who wants this? It’s not good at being a fast or fun boat, and it’s not good at being a car.

Yesterday 2:41PM

Not only that, but saying, “I can’t really go into detail about this stuff because the Governor banned it... unless...” is literally the PERFECT segue into why this is important, why students may feel they haven’t been getting this kind of information before, and why some students may find learning about it to be Read more

Yesterday 2:41PM

wish they could create a system that makes the signal louder the longer you drive with it tuned on

Yesterday 2:28PM

We are one step away from them banning reading because anyone with half a brain can just go online and learn about slavery or any other topic. Read more

Yesterday 2:26PM

Nothing makes a teenager want to read a book more than putting it on the banned book list. 

Yesterday 2:22PM

I have a feeling a whole lot of students will suddenly be interested in what teachers would be calling, “stories we’re ‘not allowed’ to teach.” 

Yesterday 1:01PM

but imagine the sound a craft would make hitting a rocky world’s surface at full speed.” Read more

Yesterday 12:37PM

This car doesnt look like a civic to me. Its so anonymous. Anyway, 1999 Civic SI or gtfo. 

Yesterday 12:31PM

I wonder if The Youth will start swinging back toward sedans as SUV/crossovers are the vehicles of their parents. Price matters too: this thing is $4k less than the Corolla Cross, plus it has the advantage on looks.

Yesterday 10:55AM

If only we knew what was on the cameras of the Cosmonauts that the Ruskies left in space during the 60's.