RedlineZ bought an SV (And is getting rid of the z)

At low altitude he likely wouldn’t have had time to deploy the reserve chute Read more

I saw carmax and assumed Doug came back to do a guest post about breaking something else on his range rover. still amused though Read more

Can we stop with the United B.S. they werent kicked off just for wearing leggings. they were kicked off because they were flying on non-revenue tickets and not dressed to policy standards(the company was giving them free flights) If you fly for free because you have buddy passes or are an employee of the airline Read more

hey andrew question for ya. how does the m4 exhaust sound on the sv and did you have to retune it after the install? looking for a new exhaust for my sv since scorpion doesn’t make the serket anymore. not sure if i still have commenting privileges here since sean left but if i don’t it would be awesome if i could have Read more

The pulled a David CAR-radine Read more

i did the same thing to my girlfriends car (backed up onto the hood of her chevy prism) after dating her for 3 months. we are still together 6 years later. gotta love wranglers Read more

so the question is do vinny, tony, and paulie take Cadillac up on the offer or do they just continue to terrorize the roads like they normally do. Read more

Everyone wants a flying car until they find out how much an annual FAA inspection costs let alone your yearly maintenance cost. A flying car will never be economical. Also your average driver barely keeps up with manufacturers service intervals I wouldn't trust them with a vehicle that would be more maintenance Read more

Fuck ford. Right there is the reason why dodge is the most American car company. Read more

thanks. ill get another soon. as much as i love my z there was always something about the jeep that makes me miss it Read more

It's been awesome I bought it 4 years ago with 80k and am up to 155k now. Avoid the 06 manual if you can. It's the one I have and the manual has a different engine than the auto or any z year older or younger. It was a development year between the DE and the HR that's known for issues like oil burn and a bunch of Read more

had the 4.0 with a metal valve cover. that said the CCV tended to seep just a little. not enough to affect oil level but enough to leave a residue around it Read more

i miss it a lot. it was a money pit but it was my money pit Read more

Woohoo after after 6 years I’m finally out of the greys. Thanks Dave. Now for pics of my Sahara to celebrate

dave you just killed me man. for 4 years i drove a 94 YJ sahara package but instead of green it was that tan/sand color lifted 3 inches I’m 32" kumhos. i sold her and bought my 350z 4 years ago. she was my first car and my baby. ya just hit me hard in the feels man. can i has out of the greys btw? Read more

top left corner of the screen there should be a run button Read more

i had a meineke do a pinion seal for my jeep since it was leaking. they failed to correctly tighten the pinion nut and i ended up with a shattered pinion bearing and damaged ring gear as well as gear oil fucking everywhere. they blamed the failure on the 3 inch lift kit that had been on my jeep for years rather than Read more

based in australia? now they have no excuse to not put the maloo or monaro/gto in the game. Read more