Red Bird
5:44 PM

the gossip in the lord of the rings fandom (please note this is from gossip me and my brother and Cousin gleamed from the one forums back in the early oughts so Idk how good my info is) is that Miramax was initially was open to a 2 picture deal and while Jackson and company wrote a couple of drafts, one of Read more

5:35 PM

Just to illustrate how far the deck is stacked against women, I think it’s worth noting that Sorvino wasn’t exactly some friendless person who had just hopped off the bus from the middle of nowhere and had no industry knowledge. Her father is Paul Sorvino - he’s not the biggest name in the business, but she has some Read more

5:30 PM

I wrote elsewhere that it’s notable how often all it takes to derail a woman’s career is to be labeled “difficult.” And yet people fall over themselves to work with difficult, even monstrous men.

5:16 PM

When I think of all the assholes that are working consistently in Hollywood, making a lot of money, winning awards, getting bigger and better opportunities, this is the only explanation that makes sense. I always wondered why Mira Sorvino fell off the radar after she won an Oscar, why I didn’t see her in any films so Read more

3:21 PM

Your last sentence is the essence of what this is all about.

2:32 PM

SHS being so good at that job is a bigger insult than her looks could ever be.

2:20 PM

Agreed. She’s honestly the best press secretary Trump could ever hope for. Obviously she’s doing the devil’s work and I can’t watch her without getting angry, but she’s hard to back into a corner and always maintains control of the briefing.

2:01 PM

Sometimes you have to give the devil her due. For all his faults and complicity, Spicey never looked remotely comfortable having to be this administration’s Goebbels. But Huckabee is a natural, because she’s a stone cold sociopath.

1:57 PM

The thing is though, when you fat-shame Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you’re not *just* fat-shaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You’re trashing the millions of women who look just like her and you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think they hear this shit and don’t take it as a personal blow. It’s no different than people who Read more

1:55 PM

Every time we comment or joke about someone’s appearance — when that has little or nothing to do with their job — we are A) being fucking shitty and B) taking away focus from the real issues : that they’re bad at their job, or just a trash person in general. I don’t care what SHS looks like. I care that she’s an inept Read more

1:54 PM

I hate to admit it, but SHS is really really good at her job. She can tell the lies with a straight face, and convincingly act offended when the administration gets called out on pretty much anything. I’ve rarely seen her get ruffled. I have to hand it to her for nailing the skills necessary in that position, and in Read more

1:52 PM

I don’t worry about Sanders’ self-esteem. What I worry about is the message it sends to others, particularly young girls: “everyone knows that being fat is a worse crime than defending a racist”. Meaning if you are a nice girl who happens to be fat the message is you should be ashamed of yourself, because the person Read more

1:45 PM

This reminds me of that roast of Ann Coulter where so many just resorted to “lol horse face ugly lady” instead of poking at any of the incredibly low-hanging fruit that Ann Coulter offers.
Read more

5:18 AM

This is so true. A vindictive SOB like Trump would have been on the phone with NBC brass immediately to tank his career. Read more

2:30 AM

While I can see in the moment laughing along with the famous/powerful guy who you’ve been tasked with shepherding around (it’s certainly not impressive, but whatever) the part I find really disgusting is when he set up the woman who greeted them outside the bus so Trump could touch her. It’s one thing to not Read more

2:20 AM

Ironic insults and childish behavior do not make you look like the reasonable one here. He has a legitimate argument, pull your fingers out of your ears and join the conversation like an adult or don’t say anything at all.