Junkrat aka Rick Sanchez: Fury Road Edition
Sep 16

Was the old job considered “done” after you did the previous revision? If so this is a new job, then they need to pay you and pay you upfront. If they’re willing to pay you sure, if not “oh well guess you’ll have to someone else, kthxbye”.
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Aug 28

That’s exactly it. Power doesn’t get to the bulbs directly from the fuse and light switch. They’re all powered through a module that monitors current flow on the circuit. It knows what a normal resistance range is, even with temperature changes. It’s more looking for a lack of current flow. Often when bulbs fail, Read more

Aug 20

What kind of rule is that exactly? is the Neon in your driveway or on the street? will moving it 10 feet to a different spot clear you of the violation? You own the Neon, and live in your home. Why can’t you park your car in your spot for all the time you wish because its YOUR HOME?

Jul 13

There should be second vent tube coming off the tank that,”breaths” back into the fuel inlet. This may have been damaged during the repair or has a bad check valve.(if equipt)

May 22

Samba K is in the motherfucking house (with the superior for driving Saucony bullet).

May 21

I would recommend NiCopp tubing, easy to work with and less likely to kink. A relatively cheap flaring tool is fine (make sure you get the right type for invert or bubble flares, and the matching nuts). You will forget to put the nut on before flaring at least once.
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May 16

I've never voted for a sedan over a wagon before, and I'm not gonna start now.

May 13

A LOT easier to build SSDs and hard drives than cars. Cleaner factories, more spacing for workers, a facility that REQUIRES a high level of cleanliness due to what they make.

May 8

Someone with a private sector business background, with a brain in their head, and some experience getting things done, earning revenue, making a payroll, and growing that business...” Read more

May 5

I am not a fan of these ancient and unverifiable allegations being used for anything.  But I understand the argument the other way, and respect people who are consistent that both Kavanaugh and Biden should be treated as predators.  We may see this differently, but I appreciate integrity. Read more

May 5

“A particular prominent male senator didn’t abuse a woman” is not a winning bet.