Junkrat aka Rick Sanchez: Fury Road Edition
Sep 16

Side work is rarely worth it, at least in my experience. Either the client is a cheapskate, doing something illegal, or both. There is a reason they aren’t using a legitimate business to get the work competed. It really doesn’t matter what kind of work it is.

Aug 28

I hate my Trex deck. It’s veeerrrry slippery when it is wet. It is very hot, like burning the bottom of you feet, in the summer. Boards started curling after 2 years. If I had it to do over again I would have spent the extra money on redwood.

Aug 27

I have a small patch of clear coat peeling on drivers rear quarter panel. It’s original paint and could use color correction, but it would shine. It’s got some small dings and chips that’s the real reason I want to repaint. I can also paint match the rest since it’s a DX. I am third owner and all the previous owners Read more

Aug 26

I still daily my 96 Coupe, it’s stock except for 15” wheels. It’s impossible to find decent tires for 13” wheels anymore. I’m about 700 miles away from 300k with nothing broken or worn out. They hold up really well when not treated like a piece of shit. I don’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon, but it will need Read more

Aug 7

I snagged an 81 Canadian model here in the US for $1100 bucks a week before everything shut down in March. It needs some engine work now, it suddenly lost oil pressure, but it’s a manual and everything works so I still think I came out ahead. The engine work is no big deal to me, but fixing all the little stuff can be Read more

Jul 21

I get to live where most people vacation. I have a small creek in my backyard and I can walk to the McKenzie River if need be. I can be on a mountain in less than half an hour during ski season. My trips are usually reserved for drag racing which has been completely nuked this year. I have missed TX2K and Rocky Read more