Jul 28
We did a thing

Took the missus car shopping Saturday. This was the first thing we test drove and we just signed the papers

Jul 13
Built not bought

My wife’s Prius was in need of a front license plate mount. Not wanting to harm the bumper of such a fine

May 26
Bye ol’ friend

Finally found a buyer for my A4. At 5 years and 54k miles, it’s the longest I’ve ever owned a car. Far and away the

May 5
More wood stuffs

Since this is a woodworking site now, I thought I would share some lumber repurposing I did over the weekend. I

Mar 30

I finally got around to taking some pictures and posting the Audi for sale. Pricing is all over the place on 3.2

Mar 13
WFH Day 2

Got sent home yesterday morning for 2 weeks. I was in Germany last week for a ski vacation and HR just added it to

Feb 10
That escalated quickly

Do you ever get an idea in your head and then black out and the next thing you know you’re already down the road of