Dec 9 2016

You can this thing with a manual here in Israel, the price is around 177,000$, or the automatic (why though?) for around 179,000$, awesome deal! Read more

Feb 22 2016

The polo is a great car because of its turbo charged version and also the gti , it has a pretty good build quality , it’s very fast and just a fun hot hatch in the gti version and the 1.2/1.4tsi versions and it comes in a 1.6-1.2 tdi !it’d be competitive especially with the all new gti with a 1.8tsi 192bhp. It’d sell

Sep 28 2015

It is a great article and an awesome insight on the guard, I’d like to add this just because the pope likes the speak about guns.

Aug 12 2015

This is a hot hatch , 1.8TSI 192BHP that will demolish the “220” , great gear compared to that of the Renault , has manual /thread.

Jul 17 2015

I’m not saying that they don’t hate each other , but they are both Radical Islamc groups and both are happy to see dead Egyptians and Israelis , as we all know , the enemy of my enemy is my friend. IS smuggled weps to gaza in tunnels under the Egyptian side of Rafah in exchange of money and medical aid from Hamas , Read more

Jul 16 2015

You guys missed a major key player , Hamas , Iran supplies Hamas, hamas supplies IS in Sinay , read about their growing ties. Hamas wants them do the dirty work including the rockets they fire into Israel from Sinay like yesterday and 4 more attacks in the last 4 months.

Jun 25 2015

I like how he went back the second time, moved the car an inch forward thinking: “ Yep, now there’s no chance someone will park between me!” Read more

Mar 11 2015

a bit off topic, what's this truck on the left?

Jan 20 2015

" Hamas militants who raided his post by way of an underground tunnel. When he was released, he was weak, pale, and suffering from a clear case of malnutrition."

Read more

Oct 25 2014

I wish these guys took requests , I'd like to see this on a KIA or something, would probably end in under a minute.

Oct 22 2014

"Watcha lookin at? Yeah that's right, scroll down to the next Ad."