Ravey Mayvey Slurpee Surprise
Oct 3 2019

Somewhat true, but the A’s are currently paying a large amount in what basically amounts to dead money ($33 million on both Homer Bailey and Matt Harvey!). They probably use that to resign their Matts once that money comes off the books, but the A’s are in a much better monetary situation than the Rays. Read more

Oct 3 2019

It more has to do with the fact that they shed salary to even get to this point. Mind you, that involved getting out of Chris Archer’s maddening ride for two top-prospects*. And then signing Charlie Morton to fill that hole. Read more

Aug 23 2019

This reader is sad to see you go, Megan. Best of luck to you, and thank you for leading this always ridiculous and insightful site, and helping a group of great writers focus on what they do best. Read more

Jun 4 2019

Yeah, I think the weight weenieness of some riders is a pain in the ass. As a former mechanic though, I get excited about bike parts. Any parts, though! I just want to play with bikes, really. Read more