Today 11:46AM

There’s zero reason for me to have a big-ass truck like what is out right now. If I can’t park it in the garage, it’s too much to deal with since I tend to service my own cars as well.

If I need a bunch of lumber, appliances or anything else taken to my house that doesn’t fit in the wagon, most places offer free Read more

Today 11:34AM

At a former job of mine, we joked that within our work community there was a perfect inverse relationship between driving ability and vehicle size as we waved goodbye to someone driving a brand new Pathfinder that somehow already has the bumper ripped off on one side. Of course, being a Nissan, that my have been a Read more

Today 11:20AM

I know a lot of people who drive big trucks, and I don’t trust their skills with those trucks. Read more

Today 11:18AM

Customers demand more ground clearance, so we raised the hood an extra foot. I get that ground clearance means raising hardware up which means lifting body lines but you go ahead and look me in the eye GM and tell me that the hood on the silverado 1500 and up is because of the 9 whole inches of ground clearance.

Today 11:16AM

Penalties for moving violations should be proportional to vehicle weight. You need 4000+ lbs of truck to soothe your insecurities? Fine, you better be really really careful with that. There should also be a fat tax.

Yesterday 9:28PM

That’s...the point. It’s fascinating how and what happened. Why dismiss it?

Yesterday 7:42PM

And your 8 kW solar array generates 8kW under Standard Test Conditions, some of which I forget but the key is "at the Equator at solar noon"...

Yesterday 6:50PM

Clearly you haven’t been following that closely. It’s been known to be a unibody FWD base vehicle since before the official launch. It’s ok for you to not like it, Ford still has plenty of Rangers and F150s they will be more than happy to sell to you for up to 2x the price.

Yesterday 5:13PM

No that doesn't count as solar powered, just like my Outback doesn't count as gas powered because I didn't let the dinosaurs rot in my back seat and jam them into my gas tank myself.

Yesterday 3:33PM

It’s only longer than an F-150 single cab short box (6’5”), and only then by less than an inch. It’s at least 22” shorter than F-150s people actually buy. Read more

Yesterday 6:43AM

Saw that Tour, Ronnie James Dio (RIP) was at the top of his game

Friday 11:31PM

While I will miss the sound of Maserati V8s (and V6s), I think with the MC20 in the lineup the role of the Granturismo has changed somewhat. Now it no longer has to pretend to be a sportscar and can fully embrace the GT role for which it was named. It can be a bit softer and more refined, so going with a full EV Read more

Friday 11:12PM

Aren't they just applying expensive stickers to Amaroks or was that HSV and Colorados...

Friday 8:06PM

Yes they rely on wraps as a marketing tool and aren’t really hiding what the car is overall but they also serve the purpose of hiding incomplete design elements or other cosmetic issues that arise from pre-production design and testing mules. Read more

Friday 6:16PM

The problem with Musk’s statement is that it demonstrates an entirely unjustified overconfidence in what his cars are capable of doing. Keep within lanes on a well-marked road? Sure. But decide whether the car should drive forward or backward? No way will AI ever be capable of making that decision without human input. Read more

Friday 5:45PM

Kinja has been broken for over a week now.  This is our life now, so I guess we just get used to it... lol.