Today 12:07PM

Additional qualifications would be entirely reasonable. It won’t happen because Freedom™, but it would be sensible.

Today 11:57AM

Of course. They've taken punts on far dumber things than this in the last couple of months alone.

Today 12:45AM

A complete redesign is coming next year (it's a JV with VW, and will also be the basis for the next Amarok).

Yesterday 11:33AM

I would love to have seen Dio in his pomp. One of the great frontmen, and a hell of a voice which was even more amazing from such a diminutive bloke.

Yesterday 4:29AM

(And considering how cheap a chip-tune is - you can apparently get 76kW for under $2K - I can see why Walkinshaw are focusing on the suspension side of things.)

Yesterday 12:48AM

The anorak is the one that can spot the difference between an Amarok and a Ranger.

Yesterday 12:47AM

Suspension tuning and big wheels with wider tyres (so they recognise that the buyers aren’t really worried about off-road capability). And a lairy exhaust and some body plastics, by the look of it.

Friday 2:20PM

They’re like a plague. Walkinshaw are building quick Amaroks now.

Friday 2:12AM

It seems like you’re getting a lot of shit for this take, but it seems quite reasonable to me. If you live in a city (and not, as some people here seem to be thinking, live in the suburbs and commute to a city), this is a silly vehicle to buy. It’s compromised in many, many ways: Read more

Wednesday 2:30PM

Maybe they genuinely think they’re action heroes instead of public servants. And that they should be getting into gunfights and car chases instead of protecting and serving the public.

Wednesday 7:04AM

At this point I feel like it’s bad sport to mention that they no longer refuel the cars during the race in F1...

Wednesday 5:17AM

They’re all the only ones left?

Wednesday 12:56AM

Exactly - some poor bastard having to cart ten gallons of water five miles from his nearest well to have something clean enough that it won’t give his kids cholera must look at some big fat fucker in their Ferd F-teenhundred driving that same distance to work with a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts on the way and think much the Read more

Tuesday 1:46PM

David, it's okay. You can't catch em all.

Tuesday 1:41PM

Like putting an old workhorse out to pasture.

6/05/21 2:13PM

Good for him. We can't all be James Hunt.