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5:13 PM

...a silent signal acknowledging that the man we’re supposed to be listening to isn’t saying anything worth hearing
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10:07 AM

Thank you for putting this together. I’ve been out of it and had no idea what happened. I’d love to participate in the conversation but the website has become unusable.

9:12 AM

I see that we killed some people, apparently with full knowledge that there would be retaliation, and that once the dust clears and more people are dead, we’ll have achieved nothing for the people of the region, the United States, or the world. Read more

4:19 AM

Trump just killed the top Iranian leader in Iraq with an airstrike (basically a declaration of war) and y’all are posting about Marianne Williamson. Not a single post about this on any of the GMG sites. The excision of the staff and certain sites has certainly done the job is was designed to do it seems.

8:58 PM

We just assassinated Qassim Soleimani, a humongously popular leader of the fucking Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. This is bad. Very very bad. This is why people the world over chant “Death to America” and this is why they’re absolutely, completely right to do so. God DAMN IT.

5:05 PM

“Writers: Okay, we have magic, war, politics, dragons, gorey slashfests, pecs, boobs, bums, baths - we’re bound to hook people with at least one of these!” Read more

12:54 PM

Wow, way to move those goal posts to a completely different discussion. You went from demographic composition of current candidates bases to attempting to play Nate Silver with how they’ll vote in a general. That’s a completely different topic. 

Hard pass.

12:26 PM

This is also a dishonest argument. Sure, Bernie and all the other “not Biden” candidates have low support with black voters as a single statistical block by comparison. By huge margins.

However, Biden is not as big a hit with black voters under 45. And the younger these polled voters are, the lower down the rankings he Read more

12:07 PM

Because it means that the institutional Democratic Party has been telling its base “no” so that it can chase ghosts: if a voter will vote for Donald Trump, then they will vote for anyone with an (R) beside their name, and the voters the Democratic Party has been trying to win for years? Were never winnable to begin Read more

1:56 PM

“I hit stupid orange cones all the time, ON PURPOSE, because, like Elon, I realize they serve no useful purpose except to hold back a multitide ofimbeciles like you, sitting in your cars, slaves to one stupid little orange cone.” Read more

4:52 PM

You’re calling me out for using “lame” in a post where you referred to a gay candidate as “Butts”? Go away. 

11:54 AM

I’m not going to do your homework for you. Compare Nixon’s, Clinton’s, and the president’s approval ratings as impeachment proceedings progressed. This president’s approval ratings have always been shit. No one is disputing this, and I am not even inferring it, much less stating it. But they are not going down. This Read more

11:43 AM

Said it before, and I’ll say it again: dude hates Bernie and Splinter more than I could hate the hypothetical murderer of my child.

10:01 PM

Still not going to buy food there. I actually stopped reading The Takeout because they couldn’t take CFA’s dick out of their collective mouths. And the commenters.....twisting madly to explain that “no really, they don’t give money to bigots anymore!” Read more

9:32 AM

Triggered was surprisingly a well-written book. It was nuanced, and highly erudite, with some poignant, thought-provoking points— I’ve been informed that I’m actually reading the nutrition facts on the back of a salt shaker, my mistake.