Rarely Sober Insomniac
9:08 AM

“Later, after the violence of the Stupidest War had slowed, people returned to the ruins of the resort. They didn’t break it down further or attempt to rebuild it; no memorials to the moronic past were erected, though this and other things were discussed. No, the survivors that made the trek to the dilapidated site Read more

10:41 AM

He did the same fucking thing with the Kurds. Screws them, gets people killed and displaced, fucks over our diplomatic relations, capitulates to Erdy and Poots, enrages our allies, etc.
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10:24 AM

“Charm. Competence. And a fair to middling chance he won’t eat you as long as you aren’t uncouth. VOTE LECTOR 2020!”

9:20 AM

Being a night guy and a dude in the AK time zone I’ve actually found that this new thingamajig is more active during my night.  Huzzah!  People to talk to when I should be working!

7:21 AM

Ol’ Ozy messes with genetics left and right, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he is just tinkering with shit. He built a freaky cat and a weird Splugorth bomb-squid (as well as those clones, maybe?) so I can see him deciding he wanted some tomato trees at his estate. Read more

7:16 AM

I’m tickled by the guy that is directly behind the dude that gets his nuts smacked. The fact that he grabs his own bag (in solidarity? sympathy?) while his teammate falls to the ground is fucking hilarious to me. Doesn’t move to help his buddy, just has a quick sack check and off he goes.

6:01 AM

Yeah, this was a hatchet job. Need to quiet anyone that isn’t willing to stick to the narrative, after all, and we’re rounding the corner towards the real election year. Read more