6:56 PM

I really can't hear these pseudo-scientific answers anymore.."not a good academic". There obviously is a lot of sexism in games. She presents it in a logical manner, with examples, and clearly. 99% of the criticism of her style are just somehow implying that she is wrong with her points. She. Is. Not. Read more

3:10 PM

Her videos are fine. She doesn't claim that *all* video games contain certain tropes. She's pointing out the ones that are there. She's also making videos on Youtube, not submitting articles to a peer-reviewed journal. The amount of vitriol that is directed towards her is ridiculous and uncalled for.

10:31 PM

She explores overarching, sexist tropes that have been seen in games over and over again—and still says that it is perfectly okay to enjoy these games—just think about the media you are consuming. Hardly insignificant.

10:23 PM

Dude, relax... we all get it. You think it's funny, and that's fine. It's just annoying and pathetic. Do you think anyone is stupid enough to buy it? Seriously, your issues with women have got to be terrifying.

10:00 PM

Exactly! When did blow jobs become equal to kissing as far as sex acts go?

7:42 PM

If you don't want people making assumptions about your marriage, don't present "a lot of the reason" you're married as your dick sucking ability.

7:25 PM

What a strong foundation your relationship is built upon. Hopefully nothing ever happens that makes you unable to please him sexually, lest he move on to someone else who gives him a lot of reasons to be with them.

7:23 PM

Meanwhile, it's completely common and normal for men to refuse to give women oral for a variety of reasons. I find it "interesting" so many people here seem so comfortable with the fact that women can't say no to this act like men do. I've been in a relationship for five years where this was the case. And I "had" to Read more

3:46 PM

You don't have to forgive. Forgiveness is a gift, not a requirement. There's a cult of thinking that says you have to forgive in order to move on. You don't. Do what works for you in living your life your way. Sending you good vibes.

3:32 PM

My husband has PTSD, and because he developed it because of physical and psychological abuse in his home of origin plus a violent home invasion — not through military service — he already feels like his PTSD is somehow illegitimate. So I find your attitude to be unhelpful at best, and reinforcing the prejudice that Read more

6:37 PM

Why do people do this coy "Not gonna say it but I'm saying it anyway! Tee hee!" BS? If you don't want to engage, don't. Since you clearly do, why bother pretending? It's spineless and never 1/100th as clever as the speaker seems to think it will be. And it does a disservice to both the issue and your audience.

6:28 PM

I probably shouldn't even humor you with a response, but you do know that "the cloud" is the default on most platforms now, right? And you can't expect every person to be aware enough of the security implications to disable it. You might as well blame Apple and Google.

3:54 PM

Because romance novels are sexual in nature. Comic books are not. Do you really not know that?