7:11 AM

Well, that's good to hear. Vanilla certainly has a negative connotation, and if we're not going to frown on people's sexual prefs, then shaming them for not 'exploring' enough is just as bad as shaming their kink.
I'm just trying to challenge why it's ordinary. It didn't use to be. Not very long ago blow jobs were Read more

11:04 PM

Honestly, I object to the term vanilla anyway. It reeks of "I'm edgier and thus my sex is better than yours." Which is just weird.

But let's be clear, oral is assumed as something that women do. It's not assumed that every dude does. And let's also be clear, this is true in a society where "suck my dick" is a routine Read more

9:10 PM

I didn't realize we'd come up with a list of what sex acts are 'vanilla' and thus expected of everyone. Care to share exactly what we're contractually obligated to upon entering into a sexual relationship?

4:04 PM

...PTSD is by its nature chronic. And if you've been diagnosed, you know how expensive it can be. So try to extend your deep compassion to people who don't have a doctor's stamp yet, and to people who do have a fucking eating disorder and had as much choice in developing it as you did in developing PTSD.

Also. If you Read more

3:55 PM

Thanks for this. People with non-military PTSD already face enough stigma. We don't really need more.

12:38 PM

How is 30 'the same age' as 40?
That's a decade difference...which is still pretty creepy.

12:28 PM

I think it depends. I live in a really educated area, and people tend to date in their same age and education level.

12:59 PM

...He went on a rage tangent in which he called her names and insulted her (with vitriol!) because she didn't respond to a request for a date. Even if her phone hadn't been forgotten, that's unwarranted.
This guy screams "domestic abuser in training" and if mocking gets him away from women and into therapy so much the Read more

3:22 PM

...Why would you leave a ferret alone with a baby? They're great pets. Terrible babysitters.

10:21 AM

So...you didn't do the reading. But it's the school's fault you didn't learn anything, and you think we should only read things we enjoy, because nothing can be learned from reading something you hate. Read more

11:30 PM

Yeah...but if you're reading just for pleasure and not with a critical eye...what good are you to society? It's not high school's job to make you enjoy reading, you need to be reading for pleasure on your own. They're there to make you a worthwhile citizen, which means knowing how to analyze and dissect packets of Read more

11:19 PM

Other theory:
There are more gatekeepers for children's literature so the books that make it through are truly the cream of the crop.

Adults don't have the benefit of gatekeepers, and stumble in their book choice, and are more like to read some utterly terrible shit. Which is why a Reading Rainbow for adults would Read more

9:36 AM

If you live in a world where half of the population enjoys sporadic violence, then no, by definition you don't deserve to live in a world without sporadic violence.

See how stupid you sound?
I don't care what makes someone's dick happy; I am a subject, a person with a deep interior life, wants, and motivations that Read more

5:31 PM

Dude. They're an antifeminist group. That were created specifically to spite a female gamer because.....reasons? They're just some nasty trolls. Don't bother crying tears over these douchenozzles, there are worthier causes.

5:00 PM

Really interesting information. Poor presentation :/ Plus, a huge contingent of modern feminists are sexually positive and work hard to promote that sex is awesome, so it's hardly the first time that softcore (or hardcore) porn and feminism have been mentioned in the same breath, and his "hurr hurr hurr" attitude Read more

4:31 PM

That article was awful. Not only logically unsound, but also lacking in example and evidence and completely tone deaf. I mean, what are these little asides. "When asked if they are new to the internet, I suspect for many women the answer is yes."
Then he wants to talk about how women are bad at videogames because Read more

3:28 PM

I live in a rural area. When I go out I see trees :/

Right now I'm in Brooklyn, and there are a ton of homeless people..but none in my neighborhood (that I've seen. But hiding would be silly since I carry granola bars for homeless people when I go out.)

2:54 PM

Where are you that you walk past homeless people every day?
Like...seriously. This is not a thing in most towns.

2:00 PM

Let me guess.
New Yorker?

Don't tell me who I do and don't consider human beings. The vast majority of people NOT from New York treat prostitutes and homeless people as...people. While, as Gaiman points out, I have to insulate myself from the individual suffering of every person on earth just in order to Read more