Aug 31 2017

I had a few of those GI Joe Street Fighter figs. They were awful. ReSaurus’ line was awesome. Still have a Blanka figure and a Street Fighter Jr Akuma figure somewhere in storage.

Aug 17 2017

I was about 7 or 8 when I played Simon’s Quest and the transition to night time always made me uneasy.

Jun 20 2017

This is a tougher question than I thought it’d be. It *might* be Contra. I remember going to a Zayres and buying a copy. I’m almost certain I bought it with my own money. My folks typically only bought me games for my birthday or Christmas. It would have been unusual for them to take me to a store just to buy a Read more

Apr 13 2017

I think we mourn celebrities for the same reason we mourn the people who are close to us: they made an impact on our lives. I never met Carrie Fisher but that doesn’t diminish the impact she had on me. Star Wars was a huge part of my child hood and Carrie was a central part of that experience. No matter how bad a Read more

Mar 10 2017

So would “free” in this case also means “purchased via Humble” as well?

Sep 13 2016

Terrific article. SWG is a game I still think about often. It had a charm that no other mmorpg was ever able to cast over me. Reading your last paragraph really makes me want to jump into the game. If only to find the spot on Tattooine where my medium sized house once stood on the Starsider server. The amount of hours Read more

Aug 25 2016

I’m sure we’ll get to see this Kermit Meme in action when the rosters expand in September.

Dec 26 2015

My lovely wife bought me this vintage Jabba the Hutt play-doh set. Had one of these when I was about 4 or 5 years old and had mentioned it in passing a couple months ago.

Sep 9 2015

I got a PS1 for Christmas 1996. The reason I asked for it was because of a classmate’s description of Resident Evil. It sounded like the coolest game concept and I HAD to experience it for myself. And man was it fantastic. Read more

Aug 31 2015

So this happened in late 2004. I can’t recall which game I was buying but it was either San Andreas or MGS3. So I went to my local Eb/GameStop sans preorder and told the guy is like to buy a copy. He told me that even though they had plenty of copies in stock, he couldn’t sell me a copy of the game unless I bought a Read more

Jul 20 2015

$6.3 million is a lot of money but it doesn’t sound near enough to make a proper current gen open world Shenmue. Have they mentioned how much they’re getting from Sony or other investors? Like, what percentage of the total budget was the original $2 million goal?

Jul 10 2015

How do you land the plane on the aircraft carrier in Top Gun for the NES? Been struggling with this for a couple decades now.

Jul 6 2015

Photo credit clearly states the picture was taken 10/4/1987 inside a Children’s Palace. The kid’s name is Sean and he was 10 at the time the picture was taken. Not sure why you can't admit you made a mistake like you challenged everyone else to when you thought you were correct.

Jun 9 2015

I spent an entire hot summer day in 1992 playing The Addams Family on SNES. I played this mediocre game until my thumbs had blisters on them. That’s the only time I’ve ever developed blisters while gaming. Why did I put myself through that? I was bored and 11 and I really liked the movie it was based on.

Jun 3 2015

I think the two figures by the bus may be Super Mutants. The one closer to the bus being somewhat heavily armored.