Oct 5 2016

And they got fired for saying Mayor Menino died in a car accident in the car with a Haitian prostitute. Both of them are racist misogynist scumbags.

Apr 23 2015

Even though I’ve heard it before, I’m always a little surprised when I’m reminded that Bronn is Jerome off of Robson and Jerome (it wasn’t just that one song).

Apr 7 2015

The CoD gravy train has peaked and it’s not as much of a cashcow as it once was.

Aug 27 2013

People are going to make cracks about the game's launch or how that means it's still broken, but seriously consider what they successfully managed to do here: they took a truly broken game and pulled a switcheroo more complex and complete than Cataclysm (FFXIV 2.0 is a completely different game than 1.0) on a fraction Read more

Aug 27 2013

Disclaimer: I was not a legacy (1.0) player, managed to get in the beta phase 3, open beta, and launch. My only other MMO experience is with FFXI up to Treasures of Aht Urhgan. Read more

Jun 25 2013

That's a tough question to answer. For single player only games, I'd think it'd be Final Fantasy VII. I've beaten it completely three times and also have a partial playthru or three under my belt as well. I estimate about 250-300 hours total. Read more