May 6

It’s been known for a while that the first Assassin’s Creed game started as a new Prince of Persia game, that was then turned into its own IP. The licensing issue mentioned above is probably the main reason why they decided to make it a new IP instead a of another PoP game.

Apr 6

I would have sworn they had already made 3 of the rebooted Jumanji movies but I guess not. Anything that contributes to Karen Gillan working constantly is fine with me--the quarantine must be so weird for her, when was the last time she wasn’t filming a TV show or movie?

Apr 2

If you’re new to the series and you want to gobble it all up start to finish, I’d say Stargate is much more consistent than Star Trek. Watching the original Trek run, you have to be very forgiving of a lot of its episodes in order to stomach them. (Ricardo Montalban in brownface as the “Indian” Khan comes to mind, and Read more

Mar 23

Half-Life 3 opens with the episodes being a dream in Gordon Freeman’s mind. From there it devolves into a series of micro-transactions that are used to progress through the entire game. Oh, did I forget to mention its mobile-only, too? 

Mar 16

For 20 dollars a lot more than just ONE person can view it. They have to offset the cost. Assuming I’m hanging with my parents a movie in theater would be 20-30 dollars at least for 3 people.

Mar 6

Eh, games where you can’t defend yourself got old about a decade ago. I’m sure streamers with lifetime memberships to the AmDrams society will love this though.

Mar 5

Waititi is becoming the new Del Toro in terms of taking on so many projects. 

Mar 3

I wouldn’t say the Shenmue games were great. They were an awesome technical achievement and was ahead of its time for the open world/lived in feel,but aside from the fighting the game was not all that good. VA was bad, the frikkin forklift simulator was bad and the story was sort of an afterthought. Read more

Mar 2

I don’t agree with the unlimited copies part. When the library buys a physical book, they only get one copy. So it doesn’t make sense for the New York Library to buy 1 copy at $15 that can be read simultaneously by 1000 residents. But it should be a lifetime license for the same price the public pays. I could see a Read more

Feb 14

Really, your fantasy entry is Harry Potter and not the ultimate sick-day fantasy movie, The Princess Bride?

Feb 14

I recently realized that what I actually want for a new Batman movie is the following twist - most of the movie will be just Batman fighting crime on a long (Halloween) night, he suffers a bad defeat and returns to the cave feeling down, when Alfred helps him up, takes off his mask, and says, “...Master Richard.” and Read more

Feb 14

I mean, I guess it's surprising that they revealed it in the very first teaser?

Feb 10

I don’t want to take too much credit away from Stardew Valley - which was a very good fresh take on things - but it was definitely helped by the old Harvest Moon series being dead and the Story of Seasons brand never catching on to the same degree. Read more

Jan 27 2020

Yeah, but it’s also a movie.
This is a 24-episode TV series, and for a TV series, this isn’t bad at all.

Now, I could probably go for a different artstyle, but the actual animation work here is pretty good.

Jan 22 2020

ahhhh the widescreen ratio returns. :)

Also continuity error, Padme is clearly pregnant in that hologram convo with Anakin. He didn’t know about it until after killing Dooku. 

Jan 22 2020

Maybe he never saw Maul return in Clone Wars and...for some reason decided to watch a trailer for the *last season of the show* and comment on it?

Jan 22 2020

It has growing pains, but nothing nearly as bad as that initial movie. There are a lot of “essential episodes” lists, though, that can get you through the first season.