Quasar Funk
Oct 27

Shoulders that are, of course, responsible for the most important part of any resistance organization: supply distribution. Read more

Oct 26

I literally just read another article today claiming that it was going to be either Daveed Diggs or Nick Kroll lol.

Aug 14

Yeah, for sure. I didn’t watch the show, but I definitely get it. It’s just funny to me personally, because I have always been so incredibly attracted to Linda Cardellini, and 2000's era James Franco is on the very short list of men that have made me say, “I’m not gay, but I would definitely...”

Aug 14

Feig tells The A.V. Club, was based on having “grown up on such a diet of teen stuff being about beautiful people who were so cool with everything, including sex. It didn’t reflect anything I grew up around. You would see those kids; they were around. But they weren’t my group. They weren’t the majority of the kids Read more

Aug 6

Wait, what?!  How did I not know this was from the Pittsburgh suburbs?  Does it take place in a real town (like Mr. Belvedere) or some made-up town (like All the Right Moves)?

May 29

Speaking up which, can I get upgraded up out of the grays? I’ve been commenting here for like ten years and am approved on every single GMG site but this one.

May 11

I don’t know about her, but that’s how I feel about Karen Gillan.

May 1

Back To The Future is a goddamned perfect movie, and has the greatest film score of all time.

Mar 4

I look forward to really enjoying it when it comes out while everyone else pans it, and then a few years later people start to come around and it becomes a cult hit while J.J. Abrams goes insane and applies to Harvard.

Nov 12

Closest thing in my opinion is Slate, especially when it’s Ashley Feinberg, but it’s really not that close.