Quasar Funk
2:39 PM

I’ve lurked on kinja for about a decade, and the commenters are absolutely the biggest reason for that, followed very closely by the quality writing on sites like Splinter and Deadspin.

10:07 PM

Likewise. So much so that I often found myself just checking the headlines of stories, if coming across them first somewhere else, but not reading too much into them, because I knew I could head over to those sites you mentioned for the story, and the comments in particular. This was especially true if something Read more

8:55 PM

I had guessed you were talking about the news side of things. I only wanted to state (one last time) how frigging good the interactions with the commentariat were, imperiled trolls notwithstanding. Read more

8:26 PM

But the thing is, comments and sort-of-community were an integral part of the “experience” here. Neither Slate nor other similar sites offer this essential side of things.

6:59 PM

Ashley is basically what happens when you distill the GMG sites into a human and release them into the wild, and everywhere she’s worked has become better because of her

6:00 PM

I am stunned even still at the loss of this site. I have tried to find anything even close to equivalent. MSM sites are too filtered or fail to cover many topics to any layer of depth (or skipping all together). Read more

5:13 PM

While I certainly appreciate this post and I’m genuinely glad that the Splinter staff got to do a proper farewell post, the fact that it’s coming weeks after G/O Media and Jim Spanfellatio unceremoniously suffocated the site with a pillow, followed by decapitating their marquee site is just the goddamn perfect turd on Read more

4:04 PM

Thank you all and thank you for this. After Splinter was killed by idiot assholes, I never removed the icon from my fave sites and would periodically click on it, mostly as a sad little visit to the site that, before its untimely demise, I’d check OVER A DOZEN TIMES A DAY and miss so very much. I did today and found Read more