Jan 16 2019

I wonder what the speed record is for 100% self propulsion is. In no way diminishing her ability to maintain speed in a cone of turbulence free air, but I’d be impressed by a Kid on a Huffy getting it up to 80 by themselves too.

Dec 28 2018

My understanding is that it would be used to adjust for general relativity. Time is not constant and can pass more or less slowly as objects observing time interact with gravitational sources. Because of this, the same clock in orbit will deviate slightly from a clock on the surface. If we found an external time Read more

Jun 24 2018

This is a good first step, but it’s a shame that they’re still forcing her to completely cover herself up except for her eyes.

Mar 14 2018

At the end of the proton arc is a pot of radioactive gold.

Feb 15 2018

I like my little mini Dyson handheld, but my wife is not a fan. Our Dyson Animal was wholly mediocre.

Feb 15 2018

Their vacuums are already cheap plastic hunks of bad QA, I can’t see their car faring much better.

Feb 12 2018

One Thanksgiving morning, my brother-in-law (an adult) walked in on my parents-in-law doing something you never ever want to see your mom doing to your dad. He was horrified and as soon as my husband and I walked in for dinner, he told us angrily, “I saw mom going down on dad this morning!” and it was very awkward but Read more

Feb 5 2018

Upon first glance, and before my morning caffeine, I thought that that was a Mercury Capri of the era. Like this one:

Jan 26 2018

But for us regular folks, we should really be calling these “Noteworthy Asteroids” or “Future Potential Impactors” or something like that.
Read more

Jan 24 2018

I love when you talk about being Filipino cuz I get to swoop in like

Nov 20 2017

Read this headline as David Attenborough. “A group of male executives is milling around the fallen Weinstein Co. But, what’s this? In the underbrush, a surprise woman has found the kill.”

Nov 16 2017

Mario, the reason you don’t see these out in the wild it’s because they are in the hands of people that do real work, not make posts on the internet. Read more

Nov 10 2017

This article just made me realize I haven’t bought a new computer in years.

Nov 9 2017

The Death Star PR department would like to remind everyone that a minimum and intelligent use of force was legally authorized to ensure 100% removal of Jedha insurgents. There have been 0 cases of terrorist activities since the recent surge in weapons use. Read more

Nov 9 2017

Intel has always been narrow minded about graphics and treated discrete graphics as a thing for trivial gamers. What they have not understood that Nvidia has is that what makes a great gaming rig also makes for a great 3D design rig, great VR rig, great parallel computing rig. Apple has the same problem. They treat Read more