Almost 200 comments and none for Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go and only one for Linkin Park - In the End. And still none of the truly Jalop videos for these songs. And please can I finally get out of the greys.

Bill Auberlen - BMW Films best Hire ever.

Does the Vanta come in black?

Why don’t they just bring it to the local Peugeot Fiat Chrysler Citroen dealership?

Acura MDF Urban Lumberjack Edition.

I would have liked to have seen dark matter.

Maybe some things can’t be brought back to life.

Todd Reichert riding Aerovelo Eta in Sept 2016 at Battle Mountain, Nevada. Just shy of 90 mph.

Todd Reichert.  Just shy of 90 mph riding Aerovelo Eta at Battle Mountain, Nevada in September 2016.

Todd Reichert.  Just shy of 90 mph in the streamlined Aerovelo Eta at Battle Mountain, Nevada, Sept 2016.

Just now, when you started it.

The other side of this bogus coin is that too many people do personal stuff on company devices but have zero contingency plan. Someone I know lost her job (no worries she has a new one) and immediately lost access to all the personal photos she had on the office phone. Vacations, long-gone pets, you name it, gone. Oh s Read more

I didnt even consider frames of reference. Thanks.

How do you know the caliper is reading a true inch when you first measured it with the ruler?