12:22 AM

Gavin de Becker in the excellent book "The Gift of Fear" recommends to the many clients of stalking and domestic violence he counsels to NOT get a restraining order, mainly because they simply DO NOT WORK: Read more

8:25 PM

Thanks so much for writng this, you are definitely not alone in your feelings of confusion, shame, sorrow and overwhemingness. It is perfectly normal to feel the way you are feeling right now. And form the number of responses I have gotten from this post, a lot of women (including myself) perhaps trusted someone when Read more

9:40 PM

The way you describe it, I HIGHLY doubt his wife knows her husband is free to F—k around. Your instincts are spot-on. Trust them. Read more

9:17 PM

Nope. Never. I won the birth-name jackpot. I have the BEST first and last name combo, and get compliments on it from random bank tellers, fast food delivery guys, employers, doctor's offices, co-workers, colleagues, professors, pretty much anyone I introduce myself to. It is truly the most special part of me. Read more

9:02 PM

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, and a lot of what you are describing I can relate to. I am so glad you mentioned the link between certian prescription medications that can exacerbate or even bring on an outbreak, and good for you and your doctor to recognize that. This is such good information to know! Read more

12:38 AM

As someone who fought anorexia and bulimia of 10 years before learning to have a healthy appreciation of all things yummy and good to eat (YES to the delicious carbs!!), and allowing my body to be the weight it wanted to be naturally, F—k you mother for saying that. And this is TOTALLY your mom's issue, not you or how Read more

11:16 PM

"It's in no way a deal breaker for me." — But what IS a deal breaker is that you two don't feel comfortable talking openly about it. In my experience, if you can't talk about 'bedroom' i.e. sexy-time subjects, it often means that other aspects of the relationship cannot be talked about either. Open communication in a Read more

7:04 PM

I'm really glad there was another celebration for you to go to that made you welcome, and it sucks that those people you thought were your friends ended up being not-so-friendly after all, but just super shallow and selfish and full of bad vibes. It sucks when somethng happens, and you find out someone you thought was Read more

2:02 PM

Boy-feelings and love-feelings and hope-feelings, it is a lot to process. And you have to work today — oh sweety, I feel sooooo much for you!!! That Suuuuuuucks... Read more

8:44 PM

I really identified with what you wrote in #3. Sooooooo Much! I have felt that 'dying on the inside' when the guy humblebrags about the new girl. Ugh! It sucks!! Read more

6:29 PM

As someone who has had chronic and fairly debilitating back pain, the most effective treatments I have found are ones THAT DON'T HURT. Learned that from a very wise and wonderful physical therapist, who would immediately stop what he was doing the instant I felt discomfort. SO, you might want to try accupressure or Read more

1:50 AM

Had a similar situation, only the guy wasn't married, but had a for sure exclusive girlfriend. I told her, showed texts and phtotos, the whole thing, thinking, if I were her i'd want to know. Guess what, she didnt' believe me called me a liar and a sicko for coming up with such an elaborate ruse. So, just be prepared, Read more

10:00 PM

It is REALLY hard to work with any kind of disability, and as someone who has both chronic and debilitating back pain and bi-polar mental illness to boot, I can tell you it is REALLY, REALLY hard some days. So I will tell you my experience: Read more

3:10 PM

Thanks so much for responding! I wrote this article a year ago, and over the past year, stress is DEFEINITELY the #1 most consistent trigger of an outbreak for me. SO your observation is spot \-on. It is really amazing how linked stress and outbreaks are. I haven't heard of the Oil of Organo tincture as a treatment, Read more

8:20 PM

I love the picture accompanying this. I feel your pain. I am on day 2 of my period, bleeding like it's going out of style. Read more