Thanks for the link. The problem is that to a determined DV meathead a TRO really is just a piece of paper linked to a LE response that if you're lucky is 5 minutes away. Read more

Former experienced lead singer here... (of no band you've ever heard of). I worked multiple shows, 2 to 4 sets of 45 minutes, just about every weekend for about eight years. Read more

I guess she didn't want to do 2010-2020 because she didn't want to buzz off one side of her head. Read more

I agree on the communication thing, but disagree on the idea that it could have anything to do with him not being into her or the relationship. Many women orgasm more quickly the more comfortable they are with the person they are having sex with. In the same way some men orgasm more quickly the more comfortable they Read more

what might cause a healthy 38 year old man to suddenly only be able to last like 45 seconds during intercourse? Last night it was maybe 30 seconds. Read more

He's a fucking idiot. To show your employers pornographic videos to prove your innocence was strike one. Strike two was creating that bullshit Facebook post, and strike three was the frivolous lawsuit. You'rrrrrrrre out, Ghomeshi! Read more

Still the single worst Tinder pic ever: Read more

guy support here. i get wigged out when anyone knocks on my door. i'm sure it's even worse when you're a lady. that sucks. wish you could give him a good kick in the balls. Read more

Don't go home for Thanksgiving. I've done it more than once. Turkey at the diner and go see a movie. This is especially satisfying if this will annoy your Mom. Read more

But...Daylight Savings Time is ahead. Spring forward and all that. Read more

I was once harassed by a group of The Youths on a sidewalk outside a bar in France. Whether they intended to take things further than they got, I don't know. My male friend had gone inside the bar to grab his jacket, leaving me alone literally for less than two minutes. While gazing at the chateau across the street, I Read more

Jeffrey and Shoshanna sound insufferable. Cotton found a way out, hoping for the life of a coddled only cat, rather than being one of 31. Be free, Cotton. Read more

This is where we must remember that they are just people as well. They may be a doctor or a nurse, but that just means they went to a medical school. It in no way makes them a good person. Depressing. Read more

I feel a great disturbance in the Tort, as though millions of HIPAA compliance officers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Read more

No, she's wrong. They're building an extension of Muni Metro underground that will go from the Caltrain station to Chinatown. That's why Union Square has been an even bigger shitshow lately - all the construction has blocked off all sorts of things. Read more

It's odd that the impact of makeup goes unmentioned. In her starlet days, Renee wore makeup that accentuated her full cheeks, bedroomy hooded eyes, and thin-but-distinctive smile. The makeup she wore that night is objectively not very well-applied (being an actor and model, I have extensive professional experience Read more

Listen, I've heard En Vogue's "Free Your Mind," too. You're not going to educate me on the minority experience in America any more than my life already has. There's a massive difference between flustered, furious and crazy. As a person of color, a "plus size" person, and a gay person I'm very familiar with what Read more