My first car was *almost* that same color 1995 Dodge Neon. I instead got a 1996 Chevy Beretta (in black rose metallic, basically the same color as the Ford Probe shown earlier). I don’t remember why I chose one over the other. Mileage? Price? But the Beretta was a cool car and I miss it :) Read more

“To redeem the deal, customers had to use the app.” Read more

LOL my grocery store is all full of retirees whenever I shop! We regularly make the kind of eye contact that says “I can’t find shit!” since they rearranged the store 3 times in 3 years. Read more

This. Can’t order produce at all. Can’t use coupons. Stuff on the app is always a mysteriously different selection than in the store. This is the one instance in which the online shopping experience is worse than in person. Read more

I’m a Millennial (borderline Gen X- 1982) and I only online grocery shopped a handful of times during and since covid. I dislike grocery shopping but I prefer doing it in person. I always had a middling experience with ordering. Even when I was able to specify a replacement item, things would be not substituted right Read more

The quality of Jezebel writing has plummeted over the past 10 yrs as well. Just a rotating cast of writers, every new one with a lower IQ than the last. And they banned a huge chunk of regulars so they might as well shut down the comments there, too. Read more

They certainly didn’t care when it came to Deadspin. Read more

I’ve seen Martha Stewart frozen food at Jewel and even though it looks like it is probably good, it is almost $9. Read more

I assume de-commenting is coming to all the verticals. It’s the only way to truly kill this place. Read more

To me it is like black licorice. People either love it or it goes directly into the trash. Read more

our Mariano’s will be sold (not remain with Albertson’s)“ Read more

Yep, I am up and done w/work about an hour sooner than you so I am also used to eating early. Plus I lived with my dad through and after college for a while. Definitely got used to eating by 5:30. Now though when we go out he’s like “be here by 4 so we can go to the restaurant.” Daaaaaaad.... Read more

I think Kroger properties had a stronger presence in the central & southern part of the state. Mariano’s mostly moved into buildings left empty by Dominick’s going under. Northern IL is Jewel Osco (Albertsons) which appears to survive the merge. Read more

More detail from the Albertson’s website: Read more

They haven’t tasted the same since their post-bankruptcy resurrection. Can Smuckers fix that, too? Read more

Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn, America’s favorite jelly bean flavor” Read more

Who was taking this seriously? LOL none of us watching at the time! WHO ORDERED THE BURGER... WITH AIDS?! Read more

I blame having his bell rung by that van driver. Read more

State Farm tried to get me to add on their safe driver’s discount, which would involve having some plug-in (or my phone via bluetooth) monitor me while driving. When the agent described all the things it took note of, he frankly was not surprised when I turned it down.  Read more