In a year not a single person will care about the last few months of her time in the Senate Read more

I dunno. This guy seems like a self-aware himbo and that shows a certain level of intelligence that genuinely dumb people don’t have. Dumb people often think they’re very smart.
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Yeah I learned the hard way. After 4 years of a fun, loving, and omgzzzzzzz-sex-filled relationship with a delicious himbo, we were eating a dinner I made. I looked across the table and realized this guy didn’t ever have that light on behind his eyes. Read more

So...Matt Gaetz pays influencers to attack people online. Read more

The WGA contract has nothing to do with it. The streaming business model was already unsustainable and unprofitable for all of the newer entrants. Read more

Anecdotally, I find that a lot of the couples I know around my age (early 40s) either have done it or are talking seriously about doing it. And a lot of the talk about it has been very open, so I’m hopeful that we’re normalizing vasectomy somewhat. It is nice to see men shouldering some of the burden of birth control. Read more

Unfortunately the currently surviving ones probably only survive because they serve underserved areas, and will most likely be replaced by dollar stores, which thrive in poor neighborhoods and food deserts. Also, we have a wonky law here in Oregon that makes pharmacies hard to be profitable. Bi-Mart recently closed Read more

Ok, I’ll bite, against my better judgment. Read more

The best thing about this and of course I mean the worst thing about this is that the people on the list will never face any consequences. Maxwell will never say anything and Epstein was murdered um I mean “unalived himself”, all so the list can be kept hidden. Read more

His entire interview was a big steaming pile of “just asking questions.” Read more

More teens get breast implants than trans top surgery by a significant margin, but I’m sure Dax and the rest of his ilk aren’t concerned about that fact.
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And how many times do they have to be told that nobody transitions in order to win at sports? Read more

His behaviour was apparently an open secret at the BBC and Channel 4 Read more

Davis should also have to pay for the five day involuntary psych hold as well because 1) that stay is expensive and 2) he took that bed away from someone else who legitimately needed it.  Read more

I was trying to think of a “if the parents had a boy it’s name would be...” but it’s hard to come up with a decent portmanteau. Read more

Clearly the methods for screening out psychos when hiring police recruits needs a complete overhaul nationwide under federal regulations. They hire skinheads like this freak and these characters terrorize women and minorities the world over. Read more

This is the real issue with Care Court. I won’t say that it isn’t needed, because if you have spent any time around Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, you know that there are people wandering around down there that are not within shouting distance of their right mind, haven’t been for a long time, and will not be Read more

Caitlin, is her name really Trashelle or did you make that up? Because Trashelle sounds like the name of a Garbage Pail Kid.  Read more

I can’t believe that a celebrity whose entire persona consists of being a sexual predator would do such a thing. I guess you never can tell. Read more

is being held at Dauphin County Prison without bail after a district judge ruled there are no conditions Davis can meet to be released at this time”

Good.  A guy like this would absolutely be a danger to her if released. Read more