Gabriel Miranda
Apr 17

6 years of stalking the comments and appreciating your fine articles Jason, and I can’t not let you know how much reading your rational and considerate reporting and reviews has been an enjoyable pastime for me. Finding a surprise “Jason Schreier” review of a JRPG (my favorite game genre), or a revealing piece on Read more

Mar 4

As amazing as it sounds, the maximum sentence time here in Brazil is around 30 years, and if you have a good behavior report while serving time, you go to parole. Read more

Feb 26

Hey, you really need to cite Mark Fisher in there somewhere, since you’re pulling most of your analysis from his three books (but mostly ‘Ghosts of my Life’). Not giving credit is not cool at all.

Feb 18

Wow, this is beautiful. Maybe I need to push this game up my list. I actually live in Brazil as of two years ago, but I’m a US expat, so I moved from a recovering economy into a suffering one. I think that Brazil still has a possibility for a bright future, at least as much as any country in this era, but it is Read more

Oct 10

Fox News is pro-Israel not because of any love of Jews, but to pander to right-wing Evangelicals who think that Jewish control of Israel is directly linked to the second coming of Jesus. Read more

Oct 9

In Europe we consider them “Far-Right”. The US is just so desensitived and fucked politically that Far-Right is sometimes merely a step from your version of “centrist”

Oct 9

Suggestion - stop calling it “far-right” and just call it “right wing”. The guy’s manifesto isn’t any different from what a Fox News or right wing Twitter personality would say on a regular basis.

Aug 29

I spent two years studying graphic design, and never knew there was a difference. I’m not sure if that says more about how pedantic you’re being, or how bad the college I went to was. I’m thinking a little bit from Column A, a little bit from Column B.

Aug 7

There sure are a lot of people not reading the article.

Aug 6

I got plenty of issues with the Epic Games store but man that is not the fucking point here. An indie developer was utterly and viciously harassed over the weekend for no good reason and all you can say is how people don’t get why you hate EGS? Fucking hell, dude. Get some god damned perspective and GROW THE FUCK UP! Read more

May 30 2019

Two factor authentication adds a barrier of use. When you are concerned first and foremost with getting people to use your service, you want to reduce as many variables and barriers which can slow down the user’s ability to use your service. Once you have them in, and they enjoy what you provide, then you can look at Read more