Jun 23

I have not seen him demonstrate that he doesn’t know what “per capita basis” means. Le sigh. (Edit: I haven’t seen it yet, but 100% believe it.) Read more

Jun 7

If Hollywood has taught me anything, the next action movie will feature a monster/alien/meteor/tornado/huge mechanical robot that specifically targets the bridge because of the noise.

Jun 5

I hope Donald Trump dies a slow, horrible, lingering, painful death where his body fails him piece by piece yet his mind remains fully intact so that he's completely aware of everything that's happening. 

Feb 11

Every day, I’m amazed at how the depth of my hatred for the Orange Shit Stain can increase. I truly did not believe myself capable of this much disdain. And I am an angry bitch.

Feb 5

I like Nancy Pelosi ripping up the speech; as others have noted, it’s a small gesture to keep the Democratic base reminded of how much of a shit 45* is. Read more

Jan 28

So perhaps it’s the wake-and-bake, but I literally have no clue why he’s even using this? Why is he using Billy’s mind-blowing fabulousness to describe “me” when he’s talking about the kids of politicians (not that his pos father is really a politician)? Is it about the hat?

Jan 18

There are plenty of band that are composed of porn stars. Unfortunately their songs don’t last more than 30 seconds.

Dec 18

Note for Alex to edit, it’s the Heaviside Layer, not heavenside. It’s formally called the Kennelly-Heaviside Layer and is an actual atmospheric stratification known for its high concentration of charged particles... “anions,” and of course, “cations!”

Dec 4

The older I get, the more I realize adulthood is just middle school with taxes.

Dec 2

I get angry every time I see the house in the GMC commercial with the couple in their late 20s/ early 30s living in a million dollar modern mansion and he buys them matching GMCs because her matching watches for the hell of it. Who is this supposed to appeal to? 

Dec 1

It’s time to forgive Charles for his love for a woman his mother wouldn’t let him marry. We all loved Diana, but that relationship they were both forced into was destined to be a failure from the start. The real villain is not Charles, it’s the people who decided that they could impose an arranged royal marriage and Read more

Oct 24

I know that things on the internet can get pretty heated and a lot of people say things they don’t really mean because they are protected by the cloak of anonymity, so I want you to understand how sincere I am when I say I hope you die in a fire.