Jan 10 2016

He named his famous group of guy friends the Pussy Posse. I automatically hate anyone who is/was in a group called the pussy posse. It is a rule I stand firm on.

Jan 4 2016

I live in Chicago, the city where the mayor told the leads of the black community if riots took place (riots compared to protests) there would be consequences for those communities. Where are the consequences for these people? I appreciate the word art (I enjoyed “dorks in their best Sunday camo”), but they are armed Read more

Dec 21 2015

As a Jew I’ll just say that these Goyim-ass, (probably-) golden-retriever having, hip-less, Evangelical (candace, anyway) blondies seem so totally OTHER I cannot claim them as my own SORRY.

Dec 4 2015

There were a few giveaways, like the way he pronounced ‘dance’ and ‘walk’ (“Out for a walk, bitch”) plus in the scene where he had Buffy and Drusilla trapped in a basement he started to go full-on Dick Van Dyke “Awwwww, bladdy hell”, for a few moments. But I never guessed the actress who played Drusilla wasn’t Read more

Dec 4 2015

I love that he apparently was going off of Anthony Stewart Head’s actual, much rougher Camden Town accent. (You can hear it in Band Candy when Giles reverts to his younger self.)

Dec 1 2015

BRB, going to open up ‘Atheist Gas and Sin’ in Alabama. I love to roll the dice.

Dec 1 2015

I think they both look fantastic for their ages and I like that they look somewhat average like normal.

Dec 1 2015

Wow, there is some A+ primo body-shaming going on in the comments section. Sarcastic bravo for that! I was actually just thinking that, although I don’t watch the show much any more, I appreciate that both the leads have more average bodies than your typical Hollywood show.

Nov 26 2015

You’re fucking crazy. Show me a man who makes mirepoix without celery, and I show you a fool.