Prostate of Dorian Gray
4:02 PM

I also want people to keep the same energy when a woman threatens to hit a man, which seems to happen every 23 seconds. Read more

5:11 PM

I want this game but didn't buy it day one, this is why. I'll still get it. I wait one or two months before buying games. Looking forward to this one!

2:37 PM

If only EA had a studio that specialized in making RPGs, with a history of making Star Wars RPGs even...

2:30 PM

I so badly want an open world RPG set in the SWU. The force/lightsabers are optional. I just want to explore.

9:56 AM

I think you guys should do an open blog of the impeachment hearings—that way, you can give us all real-time updates about whatever fart-related news comes out of that. And if no fart-related news comes out of it, maybe you could find something else that would be nearly as newsworthy to talk about during the hearings. Read more

11:57 PM

He was elected twice because his inspirational message inspired massive Democratic turnout, not because he appealed to fucking moderates. This coming election can only be won in the same way, and yet he wants to start coddling these wishy-washy fucks? If you are so flaky as a Democrat that a few more taxes will throw Read more

6:01 PM

It’s one thing to see the misleading NTY’s tweet misquoting him and then firing off angry reactionary tweets, but it’s another to have the full context of his statement and still decide to sit down and write about it and pretend he said something he never said. Read more

5:52 PM

Speaking of affordable insulin; I live in Canada where it is very affordable. Part of the reason for this is because we call type 1 diabetes “insulin dependent.” Read more

12:24 PM

Historic times. Hey...G/O people should totally start a politics blog that could cover all this stuff as it happens. Man, that would be great, ya know?

12:15 PM

The icing on the cake is that the convictions carry a sentence of up to 20 years and he royally pissed off the judge multiple times during the trial!

12:10 PM

My mind flashed to the description of E Jean Carroll, Trump is a predator with zero self control.  Good luck with that Republicans.

3:33 PM

love this piece. This story is infuriating me. Do these authors not realize that an actual young woman wrote this? in South Dakota FFS? as part of a book selection committee? Who is now overwhelmed with internet hate? And that they are powerful authors who did this largely out of vanity but under the cover of, grrrrl Read more

1:31 PM

My comment was about feeling relief when men who ogle are unable to verbalize their desire. Of course women can behave inappropriately and I’m sorry this is happening to your husband. People don’t learn unless there are consequences. Read more

5:16 PM

I have come to enjoy Lawyers, Guns, and Money for my left-leaning analysis lately. It’s got Splinter’s snark, without being nearly as condescending and full of itself. Read more

3:27 PM

Spanfeller sounds like an intimacy aid used by two bears on their honeymoon.

2:14 PM

This just creates a ‘savior’ complex, we just hope rich people will come to our aid with money for charity, for hurricanes and tornadoes, for healthcare costs, for education. When in reality, if we just fucking taxed these individuals appropriately we would have funding in place to take care of each other when things Read more

1:13 PM

I saw that too, and I’d watch it in a second. They’d have to do like Barbara Ehrenreich did when she was living the life she wrote about in Nickel and Dimed and drop all the resources they had prior to the experiment. No whipping out the Black card or pulling from savings or selling your Porsche. Minimum wage, and Read more