Prostate of Dorian Gray
5:57 PM

I don’t even know why I am an approved commentor on Jalopnik.  I know literally nothing about Robb except the little blurb under his article, but it was pretty clear the guy knows his stuff. It's just funny to watch all these Musk fanbois tell someone who drove professionally and works with this track that he doesn't

5:58 PM

Robb, is it weird to have a bunch of internet d-bags assume you know very little about the subject that you’re actually an expert in?

7:36 AM

The whole point of the crucification and resurrection was to wipe away all the insane laws built up in the old testament.  Just because some us don't believe in your imaginary friend now, doesn't mean we weren't raised by religious loons.  The problem came in for me when I started actually paying attention to the

8:22 PM

Look at who some of your allies are on this. Unless it’s something really broad like “ice cream is tasty”, do you really want to be on the same side as Breitbart of something?

4:23 PM

Most of our cartoons were shit back then and any attempt at rewatching as an adult has been embarrassing.  I will say that I am a sucker for the old GI Joe cartoons to this day. It's jingoistic nonsense that leans heavy on some racial stereotypes, but damn if it doesn't still feel fun as shit.  

1:40 PM

This “I’m so above it all, both sides are the same” shit is really wearing thin.  The shitbird in the White House is gleefully kicking the pillars of democracy with the help of Russian interference and you still need to make sure a black woman gets punished for some tax shit?  She's gonna hire a lawyer, pay some fines

8:01 AM

I’m a large white dude with PTSD. I don’t assault kids at malls. The thing is, once you’ve gotten the diagnosis, it’s then incumbent upon you to fix it. Then you know that you’re capable of seemingly random anger. If you don’t fix it, the diagnosis simply becomes a crutch; A free pass for any shitty behavior.

6:42 AM

If anyone’s humanity can be revoked by a policy, then nobody is actually safe. I really wish more people would realize this.

7:02 PM

As usual, I agree with your take. It’s just that she’s awesome. She wants to do actual good in politics and there’s so little of that around. When I first heard about this senate seat opening up, her name was the first I thought of. But fixing the broken voter system is more important, and she’s right to take that

3:36 PM

I never worked in a restaurant that had a crystal ball. Sometimes weird food rushes happen and you run out of stuff. Or the supply chain has something go hinky. Fast food managers are human, too.

3:29 PM

I haven’t. They dropped this last week and I am broke as shit. The building next to Popeye’s closed off the front entrance to their parking lot specifically because of all the extra traffic. I just learned about the brioche bun and now want one even more.