Dec 31

Soul was a good but not great film. The one major gripe I have with its story was not mentioned in this piece. Joe spends his life believing that music is his passion, and after a long-awaited performance leaves him feeling empty, and after seeing how rewarding helping others is, he realizes that being a teacher (and Read more

Nov 17

If you returned to gyms, hair salons, restaurants, and your own workplace when they weren’t doing it right.

Nov 15

USC also, wisely, ends their semester just before everyone leaves for the holiday. They prioritize the lives of their students, staff, and faculty.

Nov 14

This Thanksgiving will be a rough one. One parent just started chemo, so is immunocompromised. Which makes it both the time when you most wish you could go home, AND the time when it has the greatest risk. Read more

Oct 26

I can’t be the only one that actually likes dandelions.  They’re great for pollinators and you can eat the greens and use the flowers to make alcohol!  That said, the typical “jerky” neighbor is very likely the type that has a meticulous putting green for a lawn.  The sight of a single happy dandy would drive this Read more

Oct 26

This one is election related. Our HOA has an extremely unenforceable rule of no political signs. They even sent out an email basically saying, hey we can’t really enforce it but let’s just not be assholes to each other during the election. So I had a guy in my neighborhood pop up a trump sign and a couple of other Read more

Oct 26

I rent a basement apartment from a nice older gay couple. They have their eccentricities, each of which has been a delight to discover over my time here. They had a giant pride flag laying out by my entrance in the process of being mounted on a stick to hang it vertically... for months. They kept apologizing for it Read more

Oct 21

While I agree that all this Pumpkin Spice fall crap is bullshit and that Thanksgiving as some happy Puritan/Native American gathering is bullshit I still think there is hope for Thanksgiving. In my white family there is no Pumpkin Spice cult (we hate the shit) and no devotion to the Puritan myth. We simply like the Read more

Oct 20

That depends... one candidate has done copious amounts of harm to the systems to the point that they may not be able to survive. I am shocked that with his attacks of SS and medicare the GOP didn’t outright remove him themselves. 

Oct 19

It costs you quite literally nothing to wear your mask” — spoken like a true couch potato! It’s actually very difficult to wear a mask when running or doing any heavy cardio workout. If you work out early in the morning and live in an area that’s not dense, as I do, there’s absolutely no increase to anyone’s safety Read more

Sep 11

Bless your close-minded lil heart.

Aug 12

Double Indemnity seems like one you missed, here, though Wilder movies like The Apartment and Some Like it Hot would do. Disappointed Wilder got passed over.