Professor Sasquatch
Aug 12

Yeah, I totally think it’s a personality & charisma thing with Cardi B. I’m a woman and I loved her album, she reminds me of Luda, her lines are just fun to shout! She is nowhere near as technically skilled as Meghan and it shows on this track but her verses are still fun as hell. When she pops up and yells “Macaroni Read more

Aug 12

You think that’s a screed? You must not remember 1998 as well as I do. Whole pages full of solid text, heavy on capitals on exclamation points, paragraph-free and posted somewhere on GeoCities. In lime green, surrounded by skull-themed GIFs! They went on forever. They shattered your belief that rational thought could Read more

Aug 10

Too many poignant memories tied-into this film. My late-fiancée loved Cast Away (2000). I can picture the pair of us having lunch prior to seeing this movie on a Sunday afternoon knowing we still had that evening to look forward to. My sweetheart got me a Wilson antenna-topper ornament for my vehicle’s antenna when Read more

Aug 9

“Toxic.” A word that, like “racist,” “fascist,” “-istphobic,” and all the rest, has been so over-mis-used so as to lose not only it’s meaning, but it’s sting.

Jul 25

Good, he fixed the problem where Superman wasn’t wearing a melted on trash bag, thank fuck.  That was an issue.  And it’ll be long AND not funny?  What a breath of fresh air!

Jul 24

Yea it’s great but that kid, so fucking annoying. I got at least 4 Arnie movies ahead of T2. 

Jul 23

That’s true, it’s one of the reasons I have a very low opinion of private schools.

Jul 22

Amen on the format. The game show boom of contests where people talk about things, themselves, their strategies, their uncertainty — wretched, pathetic bullshit. Answers! Questions! This, and perhaps 10 seconds of anecdote per contestant, is all that is needed.

Apr 6 2015

Could never get past the guy talking shit about Beck in that song.

Apr 6 2015

There are some KIND OF IMPORTANT THINGS missing from the bit on the Verve. Like the huge, huge legal kick in the balls they got that probably had more to do with killing their momentum than anything else.