Prof. Bananas Goldsteinberg
Jul 9

“Further collaboration”, sounds more like “Fornite exclusive content” to me

Jul 8

I wish Luke Skywalker had been treated with the same reverence as Flynn. 

Jul 7

The Last Jedi is the best of the Disney Star Wars movies, too.

Jul 7

I think Legacy is easily one of the films where the sequel is significantly better than the original.

Jun 30

I think if they would have added in an “MMO”, “Tactical”, “Battle Royale”, and a good ole “Try not to cum” they would have had a hit.

Jun 27

You’ve got 5 episodes to catch up with before next Wednesday. Have fun.

Jun 26

At the risk of putting two and two together, the guy famously cheated on his wife and the past week has seen a lot of streamers being accused of sexual assault and harassment, so my hunch is there may have been more accusations levelled against him to Twitch.

Jun 25

There’s always an overly defensive fan these days.  Relax, Francis.  It’s not the Snyder Cut.

Jun 24

I’m with you. The second or third haven’t recaptured the feeling of Season 1 (which was nicely derivative of things I loved In the 80s, vs tiresomely derivative like American Horror Story). I found season 2 really boring, and 3 worked for me because of the compressed time period of the story. It’s just getting to Read more

Jun 24

I really wanted each season to be self contained and very loosely linked to the previous season, different characters etc. The worm that went down the sink at the end of season 1 could have spun the show out to another location (what actually happened with that?) and kept it fresh. the following seasons weren’t nearly Read more

Jun 24

I thought Season 3 was the best so far... but I agree about wrapping it up. It would feel natural to wrap it up when the kids got fully into their teens and more interested in girls than D&D games, which has been a growing theme of the show anyway. It’s like the IT movie, where it’s more about coming of age than the Read more

Jun 24

The models still look like absolute abominations. I honestly don’t know who decided on this art direction, but its horrendous. Iron Man just looks all wrong.

Jun 22

I like to think that the Schumacher Batman films are actually films WITHIN the Burton Batman universe. They’re the Burtonverse WB’s attempting to cash in on Batman by creating fictional stories of Batman and his rogues gallery.

Jun 19

really could be Sony’s attempt to take Microsoft’s crown for “stupidly largest controller and console.”