Oct 13 2018

No, I’m just curious. There is no publication deadline like there would be with say a magazine or newspaper....if this post came out 30 minutes later it wouldn’t matter...so just curious what time lines Kotaku imposes on companies to ‘get back to them’.... Basically they could just say: Read more

Oct 7 2018

No, it doesn’t. You’re dismissing the virtual experience of being strapped into one of the fastest, powerful, and numble things that fly in the air for getting to go up in a Cessna. A experience of being in a fighter jet is something only an minority have experienced and it’s not something you can ‘just do’ tomorrow.

Oct 7 2018

You could drive a Toyota Camry in real life tomorrow, so who would want to use VR to drive an F-1 car down the Indianapolis Speedway, right?

Sep 28 2018

To be fair, Moving 2018 is vastly improved from Moving 1848. You can still find a backwards compatible version of it, I think it’s called “Oregon Trail.”

Sep 25 2018

“Any doctor conducting resarch, no matter what they do, will progressively get angrier and angrier, and need breaks from research before they decompensate. This is unfortunate, as research provides the greatest possible benefit to the largest number of people.” Read more

Sep 24 2018

The *very first instant* I saw the original comic a few days ago I knew it was going to become a thing. And still people don’t appreciate just how far this will go. I’m calling it now, in 3-5 years time Nintendo will tentatively acknowledge Bowsette exists in a canon video game.

Sep 24 2018

I knew something was up when the NSFW tab on my discord said 400 missed messages on Sunday afternoon and have not stopped smiling since. I, for one, welcome our new horned goth mommy girlfriend. Read more

Sep 18 2018

The lengthening list of behaviors that you have to practice in order to avoid paying too much for a game that you may not want: Read more

Sep 14 2018

I’ve said this a thousand times, we need confetti cannons in the middle of roundabouts. No, it wouldn’t have prevented this situation from happening but it might have made a terrifying experience just a little more festive.

Sep 14 2018

Here’s the true answer: Every single Toad that puts on the specific princess crown can and will turn into Peach. Why do you think there’s a Toad at the end of every castle in the NES Mario? The crown is passed around as a means to manipulate Mario into “liberating” castles all over the mushroom kingdom. When the Toad Read more

Sep 14 2018

The other reason for moving the car, LaSha told me, was that her husband wanted to show that it could be done after his friend voiced some doubts. Read more

Sep 12 2018

Depends on whether this was a cloverleaf, which is not clear in the pictured sketch. They’re common here, and bring with them douchecanoes that think a heavy right foot is all they need to pass cars on the ramp instead of merging with the flow of traffic. Read more

Sep 7 2018

And that’s not even taking the typhoon into account. One of Japan’s major airports has had to shut down and hundreds of thousands are without power.

Sep 7 2018

Seconded. Nintendo made the right decision. We live in a digital age where news can propagate swiftly so there is no reason companies can’t just announce stuff on their own.